38-18-1Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Apiary," any place where one or more colonies of bees are kept;

(2)    "Appliances," any apparatus, tools, machines, or other devices, used in the handling and manipulating of bees, honey, wax, and hives. The term includes containers of honey and wax which may be used in an apiary or in transporting bees and their products and apiary supplies;

(3)    "Bees," any stage of the common honeybee, Apis mellifera L;

(4)    "Bee equipment," hives, supers, frames, or any parts thereof;

(5)    "Colony," the bees in any hive including queens, workers, and drones;

(6)    "Hive," any frame hive, box hive, box, barrel, log gum, skep, or any other container, which may be used as a domicile for bees;

(7)    "Honey house," any building, or rooms within a building, where honey is handled, extracted, bottled, stored, or processed;

(8)    "Location," any quarter-section or smaller portion of land where apiaries may be kept;

(9)    "Nucleus," any division or portion of a hive that contains comb;

(10)    "Package," an indefinite number of bees, in a bee-tight container, with or without a queen, without comb;

(11)    "Permanent permit," a bee location permit issued by the secretary effective for an indefinite period of time;

(12)    "Pest," any animal, plant, insect, or infectious, transmissible, or contagious disease or other organism which is or may be dangerous to the apiary industry of the state;

(13)    "Pollination," the use of bees for the transfer of pollen in the production of agricultural crops;

(14)    "Regulated pest," American foulbrood (Bacilius larvae), honeybee tracheal mite (Acarapis woodi), varroa mite (Varros jacobsoni), Africanized honeybee (apis mellifera scutellata), or any other pest which the secretary considers dangerous to the apiary industry and which warrants control or eradication;

(15)    "Temporary permit," a bee location permit issued by the secretary effective for a limited period of time;

(16)    "Secretary," the secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the State of South Dakota.

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