38-19-12Annual tonnage report--Inspection fees.

Each licensed distributor of commercial fertilizer shall file with the secretary of agriculture and natural resources on forms furnished by the secretary an annual statement for the period ending December thirty-first setting forth the number of net tons of each grade of commercial fertilizer distributed in this state during the reporting period. The report is due on or before the thirty-first of January following the close of the reporting period and on the basis of the statement each licensed distributor of commercial fertilizer shall pay the inspection fee at the rate pursuant to § 38-19-10. If more than one person is involved in the distribution of a commercial fertilizer, the distributor who imports, manufactures, or produces the commercial fertilizer is responsible for the inspection fee on products produced or brought into this state. The distributor shall separately list the inspection fee on the invoice to the licensee. The last licensee shall retain the invoices showing proof of inspection fees paid for three years and shall pay the inspection fee on commercial fertilizer brought into this state unless the distributor has reported and paid the fees. If the tonnage report is not filed and the payment of inspection fee is not made within thirty days after the end of the period, a collection fee amounting to ten percent of the amount shall be assessed against the licensee and the amount of fees due constitutes a debt and becomes the basis of a judgment against the licensee. However, the minimum inspection fee is ten dollars. The secretary may verify the records on which statements of tonnage are based and each licensed distributor of commercial fertilizer shall grant the secretary permission to verify the records on the licensee's application for license and on each tonnage report. The secretary may revoke or refuse to renew the license of any licensee failing to comply with this section. No information furnished under this section may be disclosed by the secretary or anyone having access to tonnage reports if the disclosure will in any way divulge any part of the operations of a licensee.

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