38-19A-7Label required--Contents.

A label, in a readable and conspicuous form, shall appear on the face or display side of any soil amendment and shall consist of:

(1)    Net weight;

(2)    Brand name;

(3)    Analysis, including any soil amending ingredient and other ingredients and the percentage of each. In lieu of a guarantee expressed as a percentage, a product that claims the presence of a microbe or microbes shall guarantee the microbe or microbes as follows:

(a)    Minimum number of each claimed viable organism at the genus and species level in colony forming units (CFU), spores, or propagules per gram or milliliter (cm3);

(b)    Expiration date; and

(c)    Storage and handling instructions;

(4)    Purpose of the product;

(5)    Directions for application; and

(6)    Name and address of the registrant.

The secretary of agriculture and natural resources may establish rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, to allow labeling by volume rather than weight pursuant to subdivision (1) of this section.

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