38-20A-39. Inspection and sampling--Access to premises and records--Identification and examination of samples.

The secretary may inspect and sample pesticides and devices kept or offered for sale, sold, or distributed within this state at the time and place and to the extent necessary to confirm compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The secretary has all the rights of visitation, inspection, sampling, and access to places, property, containers, and records as necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter. All samples collected shall be sealed and properly identified in the presence of the dealer or person from whom taken and shall be promptly examined.

Source: SL 1949, ch 86; SDC Supp 1960, § 22.12A06 (2); SDCL, § 39-19-39; SL 1983, ch 281, § 32; SL 2020, ch 173, § 24.