38-21-52. Cooperation with other agencies.

The secretary may cooperate, receive grants-in-aid, and enter into agreements with any agency of the federal government, of this state or its subdivisions, or with any agency of another state, to obtain assistance in the implementation of this chapter; to secure uniformity of regulations; to cooperate in the enforcement of the federal pesticide control laws through the use of state or federal personnel and facilities and to implement cooperative enforcement programs; to develop and administer state programs for training and certification of certified applicators consistent with federal standards; to contract for training with other agencies including federal agencies for the purpose of training certified applicators; to contract for monitoring pesticides for the national plan; to prepare and submit state plans to meet federal certification standards and issuance of experimental permits; and to regulate certified applicators.

Source: SL 1974, ch 255, § 14; SL 2020, ch 173, § 55.