38-22-17Notice to owner of infested land--Service--Contents.

No operations to rid lands of infestation may be undertaken pursuant to § 38-22-16 until notice of the declaration that such infested land constitutes a nuisance has been given to the owner. Notice shall be given by personal service upon the owner, if a resident of this state, a copy of the declaration filed in the office of the county auditor, in the manner that summons in civil actions are served, or by personal service upon the person in actual possession of the premises, together with a copy of the declaration provided for in § 38-22-16, that unless the owner complies with the orders of the secretary of agriculture and natural resources within such time as the declaration states, which may be not less than three days nor more than fifteen days from the date of service, as specified in the notice, that protective operations shall be performed by the secretary and, if the owner does not pay the costs of such operations prior to the first day of November in the year in which the operations are performed, the cost shall become a lien against the lands of the owner.

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