38-24A-1Definition of terms.

Terms as used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, mean:

(1)    "Certificate," a document issued or authorized by the secretary indicating that a regulated article is not contaminated with a pest and is eligible for movement;

(2)    "Designated agent," any United States government agency or employee or any individual or member of any agency or organization commissioned by the secretary of agriculture and natural resources to aid in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter;

(3)    "Host," any plant or plant product upon which a pest is dependent for completion of any portion of its life cycle;

(4)    "Infested," actually infested or infected with a pest in any amount or quantity or so exposed to infestation that it would be reasonable to believe that an infestation exists;

(5)    "Move," to ship, offer for shipment, receive for transportation, carry, or otherwise transport, move, or allow to be moved;

(6)    "Permit," a document issued or authorized by the secretary to provide for the movement of regulated articles to restricted destinations for limited handling, utilization, or processing;

(7)    "Pest," any animal, plant, insect, or infectious transmissible or contagious disease, or other organism, causing or capable of causing injury or which is or may be dangerous or detrimental to the plant industry of the state;

(8)    "Regulated article," any article of any character as described in a quarantine carrying or capable of carrying the pest against which a quarantine is directed;

(9)    "Regulated pest," a pest which the secretary determines is sufficiently detrimental to the plant industry of the state to warrant control or eradication measures.

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