38-24B-17Inspection of nurseries, places of possible pest infestation and nursery stock--Hindering as misdemeanor.

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources may annually inspect all nurseries in this state. The department may inspect any field, orchard, garden, plantation, park, cemetery, packing ground, building, cellar, and all places, public or private, which may be infested or infected with a pest. The department may inspect or reinspect at any time or place any nursery stock shipped in or into this state and treat it as provided in this chapter. No person may hinder, obstruct, or defeat the inspection by misrepresentation or concealment of facts or conditions or make a false declaration of acreage or cause any concealment of nursery stock from inspection. Any person hindering, obstructing, or defeating an inspection required by this section is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

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