Terms used in this chapter, unless the context plainly otherwise requires, mean:

(1)    "Council," the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council;

(2)    "First purchaser," any person who initially places soybeans, whether as an owner or agent, into the channels of trade and commerce, or who is engaged in the processing of soybeans into any form. However, a grower who sells unharvested soybeans, or delivers soybeans from the farm on which they are produced to storage facilities, packing shed, or processing plant, within the state, is not a first purchaser;

(3)    "Grower," any person who plants, raises, and harvests soybeans from more than ten acres;

(4)    "Participating grower," a grower who has not requested a refund from the payment of assessments on soybean production under this chapter for a particular year and any person who owns or operates an agricultural producing or growing facility for soybeans and shares in the profits and risks of loss from such operation, and who produces soybeans in South Dakota during the current or preceding marketing year;

(5)    "Secretary," the secretary of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources;

(6)    "Soybean," all varieties of soybeans marketed or harvested within the state;

(7)    "Net market price," the sale price received by a producer for soybeans after adjustments for any premium or discount based on grading or quality factors.

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