39-1-1    Administration of chapters by Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources--General enforcement powers.

39-1-1.1    Division of Legal and Regulatory Services functions.

39-1-2    Disposition of fees received.

39-1-3    Source of payment for expenses of enforcement.

39-1-4    Promulgation of rules--Enforcement.

39-1-5    Standards for foods--Conformity to federal standards--Nonconforming foods deemed adulterated or misbranded.

39-1-6    Distribution of bulletins containing standards, definitions, rules, and regulations--Payment of cost.

39-1-7    Prohibited contracts void--Action on contract prohibited.

39-1-8    Violation of title as misdemeanor.

39-1-9    Responsibility of employer for act or omission of agent or employee.

39-1-10    Access to premises and vehicles--Inspections, samples, and analyses.

39-1-11    Assistance to be rendered--Refusal of assistance as violation.

39-1-12    Interference with official performance of duty as misdemeanor.

39-1-13    Inspections and reports required of police officers--Payment of expenses.

39-1-14    Contraband articles subject to condemnation.

39-1-15    Seizure or quarantine of contraband articles--Tagging and marking--Removal as petty offense.

39-1-16    Petition to court for condemnation of seized or quarantined articles--Hearing and order.

39-1-17    Preemption of local regulation of certain seed, commercial fertilizer, commercial feed, animal remedies, and pesticide.