39-7-1      Purpose of chapter.
39-7-2      Definition of terms.
39-7-3      Compounds and products not subject to chapter.
39-7-4      Repealed.
39-7-4.1      Sale or possession of artificial dairy products not meeting labeling requirements as misdemeanor.
39-7-4.2      Statement "artificial dairy product" indicated on package or container--Type size.
39-7-4.3      Compliance with federal requirements.
39-7-4.4      Display of product name.
39-7-4.5      Certain products not subject to chapter.
39-7-4.6      Information on principal display panel--Type size.
39-7-4.7      Nutritional panel--Contents.
39-7-4.8      Certain packages not subject to chapter.
39-7-5      Repealed.
39-7-6      Administration and enforcement of chapter.
39-7-7      Injunction to prevent violations--Seizure of contraband products.
39-7-8      Citation of chapter.