39-14-44Tonnage reports and payment of inspection fees--Records required--Refusal or cancellation of commercial feed licenses for noncompliance.

Any person who is liable for payment of an inspection fee shall:

(1)    File, not later than the last day of January of each year, an annual statement, setting forth the number of net tons of commercial feeds distributed in this state during the preceding twelve months. Upon filing such statement, the person shall pay the inspection fee at the rate stated in § 39-14-43. Inspection fees that are due and have not been remitted to the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources by January thirty-first of each year shall have a late payment fee of ten percent or twenty dollars, whichever is greater, added to the amount due when payment is finally made. The assessment of this late payment fee does not prevent the department from taking other actions as provided in this chapter; and

(2)    Keep such records as may be necessary or required by the secretary of agriculture and natural resources, pursuant to rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, to indicate accurately the tonnage of commercial feed distributed in this state. The secretary may examine such records to verify statements of tonnage.

Failure to make an accurate statement of tonnage or to pay the inspection fee or comply with this section constitutes sufficient cause for cancellation of a commercial feed license or rejection of a commercial feed license application.

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