01    Cruelty Abuse And Injury To Animals

02    Humane Societies

03    State Animal Industry Board

04    Control Of Insects Affecting Livestock Repealed

05    Control Of Contagious Diseases And Parasites In Livestock

06    Bovine Tuberculosis Control Repealed

07    Brucellosis And Contagious Abortion Repealed

08    Scabies And Mange Control Repealed

09    Hog Cholera Control Repealed

09A    Pseudorabies Control Repealed

10    Vesicular Exanthema Control Repealed

11    Glanders And Dourine Control Repealed

12    Rabies Control

13    Livestock Disease Indemnity Fund Repealed

13A    Nondomestic Animal Indemnities Repealed

14    Importation Of Livestock

15    Livestock Auction Agencies

15A    Livestock Dealers Packers And Packer Buyers

15B    Livestock Packer Transactions

16    Feeder Pig Dealers And Importation Of Swine Repealed

17    Rendering And Pet Food Processing Plants

18    State Brand Board

19    Brand Registration And Use

20    Livestock Ownership Inspection Area

21    Brand Inspection And Theft Prevention

22    Hide Inspections

23    Cooperative Grazing Districts

24    Use Of Open Range Repealed

25    Livestock Registry Associations

26    Stallions And Jacks Repealed

27    Liens On Livestock

28    Damage By Animals Trespassing Or Running At Large

29    Estrays

30    Township Pounds Repealed

31    American Dairy Association Of South Dakota

32    Milk Plants Producers And Distributors

33    Dealers In Poultry Eggs And Dairy Products

34    Dog Licenses And Regulation

35    Domesticated Fur Bearing Animals

36    Predatory Animal And Reptile Control

37    Predator Control Districts

38    Protection Of Animal Facilities