40-3-26Rules regulating breeding, raising, marketing, and transportation of certain captive nondomestic animals.

The Animal Industry Board shall, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, regulate the breeding, raising, marketing, and transportation of any captive nondomestic animal of the mammalia class and the products thereof which is allowed in the state pursuant to § 40-3-25. The rules may provide the following:

(1)    Require a permit of any person possessing such animals;

(2)    Prescribe the application procedures for a permit;

(3)    Require a legal description of the premises where such animals are held;

(4)    Require an inventory of such animals at the time of application and require reports to provide for the continual accounting of such animals and their offspring;

(5)    Require the marking of such animals for identification purposes;

(6)    Require facilities and procedures to ensure such animals to be confined from free-roaming animals;

(7)    Establish facility requirements and procedures for identification and inspection of such animals by the board;

(8)    Establish the grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of a permit and for the seizure and disposition of any unlawfully held animal; and

(9)    Establish a fee for a permit which may not exceed one hundred dollars.

Source: SL 1993, ch 311, § 4.