40-15-1    Business constituting livestock auction agency--Exceptions.

40-15-1.1    Buying stations subject to chapter.

40-15-1.2    "Mobile market" defined.

40-15-1.3    "Livestock" defined.

40-15-2    License required for auction agency--Display at place of sales--Violation as petty offense.

40-15-3    Application for auction agency license--Contents.

40-15-4    Hearing on application for license--Notice to livestock associations of application.

40-15-5    Publication and public notice of application for license.

40-15-6    Hearing on application for license--Issuance on finding of conformity.

40-15-7    Factors considered in determining whether to issue license.

40-15-8    Annual fee for issuance or renewal of license.

40-15-9    Notice and hearing dispensed with on renewal of license.

40-15-10    Bond required to operate auction agency--Terms of bond--Approval--Amount--Violation as misdemeanor.

40-15-11    Cancellation of auction agency bond by surety--New bond before continuing business.

40-15-12    Action on auction agency bond.

40-15-13    Livestock handling and testing facilities required for auction agency license--Revocation or suspension if facilities inadequate or unsanitary.

40-15-13.1    Approved scales to be used.

40-15-13.2    Promulgation of rules--Scales--Fees.

40-15-14    Rules specifying facilities needed by veterinary inspector.

40-15-15    Separate pens for segregation of diseased animals--Marking of quarantine pens.

40-15-16    Auction agency services available without discrimination--Filing and posting of rate schedules--Rebates prohibited--Violation as petty offense.

40-15-17    Minimum inspection fees established by Animal Industry Board.

40-15-18    Inspection fees paid to Animal Industry Board.

40-15-19    Inspection service to be provided at auction agency--Veterinarian employed by board--Qualifications--Assistant veterinarian--Violation as petty offense.

40-15-20    Inspection of livestock by veterinarian--Compensation from fees collected.

40-15-21    Testing and treatment required before removal of animal from auction agency.

40-15-22    Veterinary inspection of premises and equipment--Supervision of cleaning of facilities and vehicles.

40-15-23    Inspection in manner prescribed by Animal Industry Board or federal government.

40-15-24    Veterinary inspector supervised by animal industry board--Discontinuance for failure to perform--Supervising veterinarians.

40-15-25    Auction agency not liable for negligence of inspector--Inspector not agent of agency.

40-15-26    Responsibility for inspection of livestock before shipment from auction agency--Certificate to comply with requirements at destination.

40-15-27    Records of livestock agency--Contents--Violation as petty offense.

40-15-28    Records open to inspection--Preservation--Copies furnished.

40-15-29    Revocation or suspension of license for failure to keep records.

40-15-30    Uniform accounting system for agencies.

40-15-31    Segregation and safeguarding of customers' funds by auction agency--Misuse of funds as felony.

40-15-31.1    Electronic auction--Regulation--Licensure.

40-15-31.2    Electronic auction--Delivery.

40-15-32    Revocation or suspension of license for violations--Effect of revocation or suspension.

40-15-32.1    Grounds for revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew license.

40-15-32.2    Board authorized to assume control of funds when agency's license revoked.

40-15-33    Appeal to circuit court from revocation or suspension of license.

40-15-34    Operation of auction agency without license as misdemeanor--Each day as separate offense.

40-15-35    40-15-35. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 158, § 93

40-15-35.1    Animal Industry Board allowed to apply for injunction.

40-15-36    Enforcement of chapter--Orders, rules, and regulations--Publication and posting.

40-15-37    Disposition of fees--Apportionment between disease emergency fund and inspectors fund.

40-15-38    Use of livestock disease emergency fund--Authorization by Governor required.

40-15-39    "Livestock fraud" defined--Evidence--Felony.