40-31-1    Definition of terms.

40-31-2    Association created--Producer and processor members--Nonvoting members.

40-31-2.1    Direction and supervision by Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources--Independent functions retained by Association.

40-31-2.2    Cooperative agreements to fund or conduct dairy promotion efforts.

40-31-3    Nomination, appointment and terms of producer members.

40-31-4    Nomination, appointment and terms of processor members.

40-31-5    40-31-5. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2

40-31-6    Officers of association--Orders and rules--Bonds required.

40-31-7    Employment and compensation of other personnel.

40-31-8    Offices of Association--Expenses--Contracts and agreements.

40-31-9    Assessment on milk produced in state--Application.

40-31-10    40-31-10. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 227, § 3

40-31-11    Assessment collected by first dealer--Producers responsible for payment.

40-31-12    Record of milk handled by dealers and producers--Form--Report--Preservation--Inspection.

40-31-13    Monthly return of dairy products handled by dealer or producer.

40-31-14    Computation of assessment by association when monthly return not filed.

40-31-15    Payment of assessment computed by Association--Penalty and interest.

40-31-16    Recovery of tax, penalty, and interest--Tax collection remedies available.

40-31-17    Producer's application for refund of assessment--Approval by association.

40-31-18    Assessments paid into dairy association fund--Purposes for which used--Warrants.

40-31-19    Voluntary contributions to association.

40-31-20    Disbursement of association funds.

40-31-21    Expenses paid from and limited by dairy association fund.

40-31-22    Power to sue and be sued--Contract power.

40-31-23    Research activities of department.

40-31-24    Promotional and advertising activities of department.

40-31-25    Administration and enforcement of chapter--Necessary powers.

40-31-26    Record and account maintained by association.

40-31-27    Copies of records as prima facie evidence.

40-31-28    40-31-28. Repealed by SL 1975, ch 62, § 3

40-31-29    Annual report to Governor.

40-31-30    40-31-30. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 186, § 24

40-31-31    Report of violations to attorney general.

40-31-32    Severability of provisions.