40-36-46Policy advisory committee for animal damage control.

There is created a policy advisory committee for animal damage control consisting of the secretary of game, fish and parks, the animal damage control supervisor, the secretary of agriculture and natural resources or the secretary's designee, and one representative from each of the following organizations: USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services, the South Dakota Sheep Growers, South Dakota Cattlemen, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, South Dakota Farmers Union, South Dakota Farm Bureau, and the South Dakota Wildlife Federation. The committee shall review animal damage control activities and provide recommendations for controlling animal damage in South Dakota. The committee shall meet at least once a year.

Source: SL 1983, ch 292, § 13; SL 2013, ch 204, § 1; SL 2021, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 21-3), § 14, eff. Apr. 19, 2021.