40-36-1    Department of Game, Fish and Parks to cooperate with federal agency in control of injurious wild animals.

40-36-2    40-36-2. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 292, § 2

40-36-3    Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources cooperative agreements for control of injurious wild animals.

40-36-3.1    Prairie dog control program on private lands.

40-36-4    40-36-4 to 40-36-8. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 292, §§ 5 to 9

40-36-9    Programs and rules for control of injurious animals--Payment of expenses.

40-36-10    Animal damage control fund created.

40-36-11    County appropriations to animal damage control fund--Certification of amounts--State matching funds.

40-36-12    40-36-12. Repealed by SL 1978, ch 72, § 7

40-36-13    Semiannual county payments to fund.

40-36-14    Expenditures from fund.

40-36-15    Bounties payable for coyotes--Restrictions on payments--Fraud--Penalty.

40-36-16    Hunting license not required of landowner to receive bounty.

40-36-17    Skin delivered to county auditor to claim bounty--Examination by auditor.

40-36-18    Investigation of animal skin by conservation officer--Recommendation as to acceptance for bounty.

40-36-19    Marking of skin accepted for bounty.

40-36-20    Certificate on rejection of skin for bounty--Action for bounty--Use of skin as evidence--Costs.

40-36-21    Affidavit filed when bounty claim approved by county auditor.

40-36-22    40-36-22. Repealed by omission from SL 1968, ch 104, § 1

40-36-23    Approval or disapproval of bounty claim by Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

40-36-24    Final approval and payment of bounty claim.

40-36-25    Appeal from disapproval of bounty claim.

40-36-26    Bounty claim as misdemeanor when animal died from natural causes--Animal killed by federal or other agency.

40-36-27    Killing of predatory animal without hunting license--Falsification of bounty claim--Violation as misdemeanor.

40-36-28    Importation or breeding of animals to claim bounty as petty offense.

40-36-29    False bounty claim as perjury.

40-36-30    40-36-30. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 186, § 31

40-36-31    40-36-31. Repealed by SL 1968, ch 104, § 2

40-36-32    Audit of predatory animal control fund.

40-36-33    Predatory animal control fund carried over from year to year.

40-36-34    Special tax on sheep in eastern counties levied on petition of sheep owners--Predatory animals defined.

40-36-35    Payment of bounties and employment of hunters from proceeds of special tax on sheep.

40-36-36    Rate of bounties payable from special tax on sheep--Rules and regulations.

40-36-37    County bounty payable on coyotes.

40-36-38    Educational campaign for rodent and reptile control.

40-36-39    Employment of personnel for extermination of rodents and reptiles--Purchase and distribution of equipment and supplies--Bounties prohibited.

40-36-39.1    South Dakota rodent control fund.

40-36-39.2    Validation of rodent control agreements.

40-36-40    Disposition of carcasses of rodents and reptiles taken--Use of proceeds of sale.

40-36-41    Records of rodent and reptile work.

40-36-42    40-36-42 to 40-36-45. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 324, § 4

40-36-46    Policy advisory committee for animal damage control.