41-6-8. Nonresident without license--Hunting or fishing on boundary waters--Carrying game into South Dakota--Violation as misdemeanor--Exception.

Except as provided in § 41-6-6, it is a Class 2 misdemeanor for any nonresident of the State of South Dakota to take, shoot, or kill, in any manner whatsoever, any protected game, fish, or wildfowl on any boundary river, stream, or lake of the State of South Dakota or to carry or transport from such waters onto the South Dakota side of such waters, without first having lawfully obtained a valid and applicable South Dakota nonresident small game, big game, wild turkey, waterfowl, fishing, bait dealer, or predator license and having fully complied with all other laws of the State of South Dakota relating to or concerning the transportation, shipping, or carrying of protected game, fish, or wildfowl.

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