41-11-15Reintroduction of black-footed ferret.

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks and the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources may participate in programs to reintroduce the black-footed ferret if the following conditions are being met:

(1)    Areas containing prairie dogs but not having the potential to support black-footed ferrets shall be identified, evaluated and declared ferret-free;

(2)    The existing United States Forest Service Prairie Dog Management Plan for the Conata Basin, Buffalo Gap National Grasslands shall be strictly adhered to, and if future increases in prairie dog acres are needed, a funding mechanism shall be established to provide financial compensation to landowners suffering lost income;

(3)    No additional land may be acquired for ferrets through condemnation, and the multiple use concept of the United States Forest Service shall be continued;

(4)    The initial ferret reintroduction efforts shall be concentrated within the boundaries of Badlands National Park, and once release techniques are refined, the prairie dog management plan on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands is functioning and local citizens have had the opportunity to view the progress, then reintroduction efforts may be expanded to the grasslands; and

(5)    The United States Fish and Wildlife Service shall attempt to provide for the continued meeting on a regular basis during and after the ferret reintroduction of the local level committee consisting of representatives of the United States Forest Service, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, United States National Parks Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, affected state agencies, private organizations, and local landowners.

Source: SL 1992, ch 301; SL 2021, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 21-3), § 14, eff. Apr. 19, 2021.