41-15-20. Sale of contraband and abandoned property--Disposition of proceeds--Record of sales--Tagging of articles sold.

The secretary of game, fish and parks may sell at the highest market price obtainable any fur, fish, game animal, game bird, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, and other contraband that is abandoned or is deemed contraband as provided in §§ 41-15-15 to 41-15-18, inclusive. The proceeds of the sales shall be turned into the state treasury and credited to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks fund. A record of the sales, including the name of the purchaser and the purchase price paid, shall be kept by the secretary. The secretary shall, before sale, tag the items to be sold in a manner to be determined by the secretary.

Source: SDC 1939, § 25.0121; SL 1963, ch 135, § 1; SL 2009, ch 206, § 93; SL 2021, ch 188, § 7.