42-7B-32. Suspension or revocation of license--Grounds--Reprimand or monetary penalty.

Any license granted pursuant to this chapter may be suspended or revoked for any cause that may have prevented its issuance, or for violation by the licensee, or any officer, director, agent, member, or employee of the licensee, of this chapter or any rule adopted by the commission or for conviction of a crime of moral turpitude or a felony, after notice to the licensee and a hearing, upon grounds determined adequate by the commission. In addition to revocation or suspension or in lieu of revocation or suspension, the commission may impose a reprimand or a monetary penalty for each offense not to exceed the following amounts:

(1)    If the licensee is a slot machine manufacturer or distributor, two hundred fifty thousand dollars;

(2)    If the licensee is an operator, associated equipment manufacturer or distributor, or a sports wagering services provider, one hundred thousand dollars;

(3)    If the licensee is a retailer or gaming property owner, twenty-five thousand dollars;

(4)    If the licensee is a key employee, five thousand dollars; and

(5)    If the licensee has a support license, two thousand five hundred dollars.

Any monetary penalty received by the commission under this section shall be deposited in the gaming commission fund established by § 42-7B-48 and is to be used solely for the purposes prescribed by subdivision 42-7B-48(2) and is not subject to the provisions of subdivision 42-7B-48(3).

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