42-7B-33. Person involved as manufacturer, distributor, operator, retailer, gaming property owner, provider, key employee, or support licensee--Qualifications.

Any person, any stockholder owning five percent or more of any corporation or limited liability company, and any officer or director, or any partner in any partnership involved as a manufacturer, distributor, operator, retailer, gaming property owner, or sports wagering services provider, or key employee or support licensee involved with the conduct of gaming shall be:

(1)    A person of good character, honesty, and integrity;

(2)    A person whose prior activities, criminal record, reputation, habits, and associations do not pose a threat to the public interests of this state or to the control of the gaming, or create or enhance the dangers of unsuitable, unfair, or illegal practices, methods, and activities in the conduct of gaming or the carrying on of the business and financial arrangements incidental to the conduct of gaming; and

(3)    A person who has not entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony charge or has not been convicted of a felony in this or any other jurisdiction, has not been found to have violated the provisions of this chapter or any rule adopted pursuant to this chapter, and has not knowingly made a false statement of material facts to the commission or its legal counsel.

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