42-7B-48.1. Distribution of funds following payment to City of Deadwood.

Disbursements from the Gaming Commission fund shall be as set forth in § 42-7B-48 until such time as the net municipal proceeds paid to the City of Deadwood equals six million eight hundred thousand dollars for each year, and after payment of commission expenses pursuant to subdivision 42-7B-48(2), and after payment of one hundred thousand dollars to the State Historical Preservation Grant and Loan fund pursuant to subdivision 42-7B-48(3). Thereafter, all remaining funds shall be distributed as follows:

(1)    Seventy percent to the state general fund;

(2)    Ten percent to be distributed to municipalities in Lawrence County, except the City of Deadwood, pro rata according to their population;

(3)    Ten percent to be distributed to school districts, pro rata based upon the previous year's average daily membership, located in whole or in part, in Lawrence County. For any school district located only partly in Lawrence County, only that portion of the district's average daily attendance which represents students residing in Lawrence County shall be considered in calculating the proration required by this subdivision; and

(4)    Ten percent to the City of Deadwood for deposit in the historic restoration and preservation fund.

Source: SL 1995, ch 246, § 1; SL 2021, ch 49, § 17.