45-9-15. Plugging and performance bond for wells--Amount--Conditions.

Without limiting its general authority, the board may require, or may delegate to the secretary of agriculture and natural resources specific authority to require, the furnishing of a plugging and performance bond in the amount of fifty thousand dollars or an amount sufficient to guarantee the costs of well site reclamation, or one hundred thousand dollars blanket, with good and sufficient surety, conditioned for the performance of the duty to plug each dry or abandoned well, to restore the premises, insofar as possible, to the condition that existed before the filing of the application to drill; and conditioned on the proper performance of all of the requirements of §§ 45-9-5 to 45-9-18, inclusive. The condition of the bond relating to restoration of the surface is met if the landowner or lessee and the producer or driller adopt a different plan approved by the board. The board may require additional bond if the circumstances require.

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