45-9-1    Purpose of chapter--Development of oil and gas resources.

45-9-1.1    Functions of environment and natural resources board transferred to Board of Minerals and Environment.

45-9-2    Definition of terms.

45-9-3    Waste of oil and gas prohibited--Production of gas in conjunction with water excluded from coverage of chapter.

45-9-4    Application to drill oil or gas well--Permit--Rules and regulations of board--Fee, disposition--Agreement with surface owner.

45-9-5    Identification of ownership of facilities for producing oil or gas.

45-9-6    Testing of oil and gas wells.

45-9-7    Separation of production from wells--Gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons--Measurement.

45-9-8    Classification of wells.

45-9-9    Metering or measuring of oil, gas, or product.

45-9-10    Operation of wells with inefficient gas-oil or water-oil ratios.

45-9-11    Operations for production of oil or gas, regulation by board.

45-9-12    Production of oil and gas from field, pool, or area where physical waste created.

45-9-13    Administration of chapter by board--Rules and orders to prevent waste, protect correlative rights and govern procedure before board.

45-9-14    Prevention of oil or gas escape, intrusion of water, pollution of fresh-water supplies, and blowouts, cavings, seepages, and fires.

45-9-15    Plugging and performance bond for wells--Amount--Conditions.

45-9-15.1    45-9-15.1. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 227, § 2.

45-9-15.2    Application date of bond requirements.

45-9-15.3    Supplemental plugging and performance bond--Idle wells--Amount.

45-9-16    Recordkeeping by producers, handlers, and processors of the quantities of oil or gas--Examination.

45-9-17    Reports or plats--Filing with board.

45-9-18    Mechanical well logs, surveys and reports on well location, drilling, and production--Samples, core chips, and complete cores--Filing--Exploratory wells.

45-9-19    False representations as perjury--Drilling without permit as misdemeanor.

45-9-20    Spacing units for a pool--Purposes--Establishment by board--Exception.

45-9-21    Spacing units for a pool--Size and shape, establishment by board, modifications and exceptions.

45-9-22    Spacing units to be sized and shaped for efficient development of pool--Minimum size.

45-9-23    Spacing units for a pool--Production limited by waste--Order of board establishing, contents.

45-9-24    Spacing units of different sizes or shapes--Adjustment of allowable production.

45-9-25    Hearing to establish spacing units--Establishment of temporary spacing units by board pending determination of ultimate spacing period.

45-9-26    Order establishing spacing units for a pool--Size and shape of each unit--Location of permitted well--Exception for wells drilled or drilling at time of application.

45-9-27    Drilling of well at other than prescribed location when authorized by secretary.

45-9-28    Scope of order establishing spacing units for a pool--Modification--Inclusion of additional area--Exclusion of land not underlaid by pool.

45-9-29    Order establishing spacing units--Modification to prevent waste, avoidance of unnecessary wells, or to protect correlative rights.

45-9-30    Two or more separately owned tracts or interests embraced within spacing unit--Pooling of interests.

45-9-31    Order pooling all interests in spacing unit--Application by interested person--Notice and hearing--Terms and conditions.

45-9-32    Operation of well--Rights of owners to participate--Payment of expenses.

45-9-33    Alternative rights of owners--Surrender of leasehold interest to participating owners--Participation on a limited basis.

45-9-34    Spacing unit covered by pooling order--Definition of terms--Operations incident to the drilling of a well--Portion of production allocated to each tract.

45-9-35    Rights of owners operating well or paying costs for benefit of another under pooling order--Share of production--Determination of costs by board.

45-9-36    Well completed prior to pooling of interest in spacing unit--Sharing of production--Calculation of costs.

45-9-37    Operation as unit of one or more pools--Consideration of need--Hearing.

45-9-38    Findings of board requiring order for unit operation of a pool.

45-9-39    Order of board for unit operation of a pool--Terms and conditions--Prescribing plan of operation--Essential elements of plan.

45-9-40    Order of board for unit operation of a pool--Not effective until approved by persons responsible for operating costs.

45-9-41    Supplemental hearing on approval of plan for unit operation.

45-9-42    Order of board for unit operation of a pool--Revocation when not approved by persons owning required percentage of interest.

45-9-43    Amendment of order for unit operations--Conditions.

45-9-44    Order of board for unit operation of a pool embraced in unit area established by prior order--Allocation of production.

45-9-45    Order of Board of Minerals and Environment for unit operation on less than whole of a pool--Size and shape of unit area.

45-9-46    Operation of well upon unit area--Unit of production allocated to separately owned tract.

45-9-47    Order of board for unit operation--Express or implied obligations of contract covering land in unit area, fulfillment by conducting operations under order.

45-9-48    Order of Board of Minerals and Environment for unit operation--Ownership of portion of production allocated and proceeds of sale.

45-9-49    Order for unit operations does not transfer title.

45-9-50    Contract for sale or purchase of production from separately owned tract not terminated.

45-9-51    Rights of owners within unit area to property acquired in conduct of unit operation.

45-9-52    Agreement for cooperative development or operation of field or pool--Approval by board--Failure to submit for approval not evidence of antitrust law violation.

45-9-53    Lands to which chapter applies.

45-9-54    Enforcement of chapter--Jurisdiction of board.

45-9-55    Investigations by board.

45-9-56    Authority of board to act--Upon its own motion--Petition of interested person.

45-9-57    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 212, § 4.

45-9-58    Notice of hearing--Service by mail or publication--Proof of service.

45-9-59    Witnesses--Production of books and records.

45-9-60    Noncompliance with subpoena--Refusal of witness to testify--Court order--Contempt.

45-9-61    Prior rules, regulations, and orders continued in force--Accrued penalties and liabilities not repealed.

45-9-62    45-9-62. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 256, § 49

45-9-63    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 212, § 6.

45-9-64    Emergency order of board--Issuance without notice or hearing--Promulgation--Termination.

45-9-65    45-9-65, 45-9-66. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 256, §§ 51, 52

45-9-67    Appeal from rule, regulation, or order of board--Persons adversely affected--Procedure.

45-9-68    Violation of law, rule, regulation, or order--Civil penalty--Liability for damages to environment.

45-9-69    Action by attorney general to recover civil penalties--Venue.

45-9-70    Shutting down and sealing property or equipment by secretary for violation--Cancelation of lease or bond forfeiture.

45-9-71    Action for injunction--Service--Order.

45-9-72     Failure of board to enjoin violation on request of person adversely affected--Action for injunction by affected person.

45-9-73    Procedure for issuance, suspension, revocation, and renewal of permits--Hearing--Uncontested recommendation.

45-9-74    Hearing on application for order under chapter--Notice--Contested case hearing--Procedure.