46-2A-1    Application of provisions of chapter.

46-2A-2    Recommendation of chief engineer on application--Schedule of hearing.

46-2A-3    Recommendation of chief engineer on application--Mailing to applicant--Duties of applicant.

46-2A-4    Publication of application and recommendation of chief engineer--Time for publication--Contents of notice.

46-2A-5    Postponement of hearing on application--Time for notice.

46-2A-6    Service and filing of pleadings, petitions, and motions.

46-2A-7    Approval or disapproval of permit, license, or amendment--Applications for groundwater source determined to be fully appropriated.

46-2A-7.1    Notice of determination that groundwater source fully appropriated--Applications for future consideration.

46-2A-7.2    Date of receipt--Incomplete application--One irrigation permit application per parcel.

46-2A-7.3    Applications submitted prior to board decision that aquifer is fully appropriated or prior to July 1, 2014.

46-2A-7.4    Priority list for future unappropriated water.

46-2A-7.5    Public hearing to review groundwater source--Notice--Retention of eligibility by applicant.

46-2A-7.6    Unappropriated water to be available to held applications based on priority.

46-2A-7.7    Transfer of water permit application.

46-2A-8    Time for completion of construction and use of water--Application for lesser amount of water or variance in periods of use.

46-2A-8.1    Reinstatement of permit after expiration of time for construction--Application--Priority.

46-2A-9    Appropriation of water--When permit may be issued.

46-2A-10    Reservation for future use--When approval allowed.

46-2A-11    Flood control works--When permit may be issued.

46-2A-12    Amendment of permit or license--When granted.

46-2A-13    Well driller or well pump installer license--Issuance by chief engineer--Procedure on denial or deferral of decision.

46-2A-14    Application and permit refer to one water use system--Location to be stated.

46-2A-15    Date of receipt of application recorded--Correction of application.

46-2A-16    Validation of vested water right claim--Notice.

46-2A-17    Hearing to oppose validation--Notice.

46-2A-18    Abandonment of validated vested right.

46-2A-19    Adjustment and validation of certain interstate water right claims.

46-2A-20    Term limitation on water withdrawal from Madison formation in certain counties.

46-2A-21    Deletion of term limitation under certain conditions--Cancellation or amendment of permit.

46-2A-22    Correction of errors in published notice of vested right claims--Contents--Hearing only on filing of petition.

46-2A-23    Publication of notice to determine opposition to application or recommendation of chief engineer--Petition to contest--Notice of hearing.