46A-6-1    Unauthorized debts and liabilities prohibited.

46A-6-2    Contracts for supply of water to irrigate lands--Source of supply.

46A-6-3    Payment within one year of purchase price of water supply--Tax levy.

46A-6-4    Contract to supply water to irrigate lands--Payments extending more than one year--Submission to voters for approval or disapproval, general or special election, notice, conduct of election--Approval of contract by voters--Annual tax levy to pay...

46A-6-4.1    Eligibility to vote on water supply contract.

46A-6-5    Drainage of land by district--Special assessments and funds--Surveys--Eminent domain--Contract with United States.

46A-6-6    Contract with United States for drainage of lands in district--Contract by board of directors for drainage of contiguous outside lands, assumption of cost and repayment to United States.

46A-6-7    Submission of federal contract to voters at general or special election--Notice--Approval by voters.

46A-6-8    Supplemental or amendatory contracts with United States--Amount of principal indebtedness not increased.

46A-6-9    Election and judicial confirmation not required for supplementary or amendatory contracts--Resolution of board.

46A-6-10    Prior supplemental contracts with United States validated.

46A-6-11    46A-6-11 to 46A-6-14. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 43, § 131

46A-6-15    Covenants and agreements to protect security and payment of bonds.

46A-6-16    Bonds of district to be delivered to United States under reclamation contract--Form--Terms--Denominations.

46A-6-17    Issuance of bond not necessary--Cost and expenses of property and works covered by contract between district and United States.

46A-6-18    46A-6-18. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 43, § 131

46A-6-19    Payment of bonds and interest--Annual assessment upon real property of district.

46A-6-20    46A-6-20, 46A-6-21. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 43, § 131

46A-6-22    Debt service fund--Investment in federal or state bonds or certificates of deposit, deposits in banks within state.

46A-6-23    Interest on due and unpaid interest coupons of bonds--Election to authorize--Form of ballots.

46A-6-24    Interest on unpaid coupons--Majority vote of electors--Adoption declared by board--Levy for capital projects fund--Stamping of coupons by county treasurer.

46A-6-25    46A-6-25 to 46A-6-28. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 43, § 131

46A-6-29    Contract with United States guaranteeing bonds of district or extending financial credit.

46A-6-30    Compliance with federal and state laws--Rights of district to contract.

46A-6-31    Special court proceeding to confirm contracts or assessments-- Procedure--Partial approval--Curing of defects.

46A-6-32    Confirmation of issue and sale of bonds by board of directors--Judicial examination in special proceeding--Approval or disapproval by circuit court.

46A-6-33    Petition of board of directors for confirmation of issue and sale of bonds--Filed in circuit court--Contents.

46A-6-34    Hearing of petition of board of directors for confirmation of issue and sale of bonds--Notice of filing, publication--Time and place.

46A-6-35    Pleading to petition of board of directors for confirmation of issue and sale of bonds--Law governing.

46A-6-36    Contract with United States amendatory of individual water right contracts--Exception.

46A-6-37    Court hearing on organization of district or issuance of bonds--Determination of legality--Disregard of certain irregularities--Partial approval--Costs.

46A-6-38    Statement by board--Preparation, contents, and certification--Statement and bonds presented to department--Recording of statement--Registration of bonds.

46A-6-39    Borrowing to make payments on federal contracts.

46A-6-40    Borrowing for unforeseen or unusual conditions in operation and maintenance.

46A-6-41    Maximum amount of loans--Payment.

46A-6-41.1    Borrowing funds from conservancy district--Pledge of district credit.

46A-6-42    Funds of district--Deposit in bank, designation by board of directors, release of district treasurer from personal liability.

46A-6-43    Withdrawal from construction fund and deposit in county treasury--Disbursement by county treasurer--Monthly report.

46A-6-44    Costs of acquisition of property and construction of works and improvements--Payment out of construction fund or in district bonds.

46A-6-45    Additional bonds of district--Priority.

46A-6-46    Claims against district--Verification required--Oaths administered by district secretary.

46A-6-47    Claims against district--Allowance--Warrants for payment.

46A-6-48    Insufficient funds for payment of warrants--Endorsement of district treasurer--Interest.

46A-6-49    Register of warrants by district treasurer--Payment of warrants in order of presentation.

46A-6-50    District treasurer--Monthly report.

46A-6-51    Transfer of assets and liabilities of nonprofit entity to district--Approval by governing board and electors.

46A-6-52    Repealed