46A-7-6List of apportionment or distribution--Contents--Map of each subdivision with rate of apportionment--Copy filed with department.

The director of equalization shall make a list of the apportionment or distribution. The list shall contain a complete description of each subdivision or tract of land of the district, with the amount and rate per acre of the apportionment or distribution of cost and the name of the owners of the subdivision or tract. Alternatively, the director of equalization may prepare a map on a convenient scale showing each of such subdivisions or tracts with the rate per acre of the apportionment entered on the map. If all lands on any map or section of a map are assessed at the same rate, a general statement to that effect is sufficient. The list or map shall be made in duplicate, one of which shall be filed in the office of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the other shall remain in the office of the board of directors for public inspection.

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