46A-9-2Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Board," the board of directors of a district organized under this chapter;

(2)    "City" or "town," a municipal corporation as classified in §§ 9-2-1 and 9-2-2. The term, city, also means a city organized under special territorial charter;

(3)    "Landowner," any resident of South Dakota who is an owner of land in any county containing any proposed or existing water user district as evidenced by records in the office of the register of deeds or director of equalization. However, if land is sold under a contract for deed, which is of record in the office of the register of deeds or director of equalization, both the vendor and vendee shall be treated as landowners;

(4)    "Project," any one of the works defined in this section, or any combination of such works which are physically connected or jointly managed and operated as a single unit;

(5)    "Water Management Board," the state board created in § 1-41-15;

(6)    "Water user district" or " district," any district organized under this chapter, either as originally organized or as the district is reorganized, altered, or extended;

(7)    "Works" and "system," all lands, property, rights, rights-of-way, easements, and franchises relating thereto and deemed necessary or convenient for their operation, and all water rights acquired or exercised by the board in connection with the works or system. The terms, works and system, include all means of conserving, controlling, and distributing water, including reservoirs, dams, feeder canals, diversion canals, distributing canals, lateral ditches, structures, pumping units, mains, pipelines, and waterworks systems. The terms include all such works for the conservation, development, storage above or under the ground, spreading, distribution, utilization, and drainage of water, including works for the purpose of irrigation, drainage, flood control, stock watering, and supplying water for public, domestic, industrial, and other uses. The terms include any plant or system for the collection, treatment, or disposal of wastewater, including sanitary sewers and sewage and sewage treatment plants and systems.

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