46A-10A-61Survey and report contracted by board--Contents--Right of entry--Copy to department.

If the board determines it is necessary, it shall contract for a survey of the proposed drainage to be made by an engineer selected by the board. The survey and subsequent report shall show the starting point, the route, the terminus of any proposed ditch or drain or other improvement, and the course and length of any drain through each tract of land, together with the number of acres from each tract required for construction of improvements. The survey and report shall show the elevation of all lakes, ponds, and sloughs or depressions in the project and the boundary of the proposed project, to include all land that will be benefited by the proposed improvements. The survey and report shall include the approximate location of watersheds within the district, a description of each tract of land within the district, and the names of the owners and shall identify that tract of land most likely to receive average benefit from the project. The survey and report shall estimate the probable cost and shall include other facts and recommendations the engineer deems material so the board may determine the feasibility of the project. The survey may extend to lands other than those affected by the proposed project to determine the best practical method of draining the entire area under study. For the purpose of inspection or surveys, board members, engineers, or their employees may enter upon any land traversed by the proposed project that, in their judgment, is likely to be affected. The county auditor shall furnish the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources a copy of the engineer's report and all maps and plans prepared by the engineer.

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