46A-10A-1    Definitions.

46A-10A-2    County drainage commission--Appointment--Filling vacancies--Majority required to act--Ex officio members.

46A-10A-3    Term and removal of members.

46A-10A-4    Meetings.

46A-10A-5    Compensation of members.

46A-10A-6    Employment of personnel.

46A-10A-7    Assistance by units of state government--Expense reimbursement.

46A-10A-7.1    Maintenance of correspondence file--Correspondence marked with date of receipt--Term of retention.

46A-10A-8    State Water Management Board, districts, and existing water rights unaffected--Effect on drainage districts.

46A-10A-9    Joint drainage efforts by counties.

46A-10A-9.1    Petition for assistance in development of intercounty drainage plan--Board defined.

46A-10A-9.2    Meeting to develop mutually acceptable joint county drainage activities.

46A-10A-9.3    Recommendation, notice, and hearing before Water Management Board--Cost of publication--Implementation.

46A-10A-9.4    Limitation on effectiveness of action required by Water Management Board.

46A-10A-9.5    Action required by board to be included in county drainage plan--Not subject to referendum procedure.

46A-10A-10    Joint powers agreements by local units of government as to drainage.

46A-10A-11    Agreements for receipt of federal or state funds for drainage.

46A-10A-12    Municipality contracting with county for services--Fees.

46A-10A-13    Joint county-municipal drainage activities.

46A-10A-14    Board to provide funds, equipment, and accommodations for county drainage activity.

46A-10A-15    Adoption of emergency drainage measures--Hearing--Notice--Limited term--Renewal.

46A-10A-16    County drainage plan--Preparation--Adjuncts--Considerations.

46A-10A-17    Purposes of drainage plan.

46A-10A-18    Drainage projects and coordinated drainage areas authorized.

46A-10A-19    Maps authorized.

46A-10A-20    Legal controls for drainage management--Right to continue existing drainage.

46A-10A-21    Official controls not limited.

46A-10A-22    Publication of notice of hearing on proposed drainage plan.

46A-10A-23    Board action on plan by ordinance or resolution.

46A-10A-24    Filing and publication of board action on plan--Effective date of plan--Public inspection.

46A-10A-25    Petition for election on adoption of plan--Notice of election--Ballots--Suspension of effective date--Inconsistent drainage efforts prohibited.

46A-10A-26    Rejection of plan by voters--Revision, filing, and publication.

46A-10A-27    Filing copy of adopted official control.

46A-10A-28    Approval required for rehabilitation or construction of drain covered by plan--Board review of commission decision.

46A-10A-29    Failure of commission to act as approval--Extension of period by board.

46A-10A-30    Permit system for drainage--Fee--Modification of drain or use of unrecorded right--Drainage without permit as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.

46A-10A-31    Recording existing drainage rights--Information required--Disputing rights--Appeals--Recording final decision.

46A-10A-31.1    Notice of recording requirements.

46A-10A-31.2    Local governments exempt from recording requirements.

46A-10A-32    Copy of recorded vested right to department.

46A-10A-33    Enforcement of chapter and official controls.

46A-10A-34    Adjudication functions of commission or board.

46A-10A-34.1    Board of adjudication by mutual agreement--Jurisdiction.

46A-10A-35    Appeals from commission and board--Time allowed--Commencing action in circuit court.

46A-10A-36    Regulation and elimination of nonconforming drains.

46A-10A-37    Amendment and repeal of drainage plan--Request by petition.

46A-10A-38    Petition by landowner for change of drainage restrictions--Notice to directly affected persons.

46A-10A-39    Hearing on petition--Commission recommendation to board.

46A-10A-40    Affected person's right to be heard--Resolution adopting or rejecting proposal--Review, publication, and effective date of adoption--Election.

46A-10A-41    Drainage plan or official controls for municipality--Approval or contract by municipality required for effectiveness.

46A-10A-42    Jurisdiction of incorporated municipality.

46A-10A-43    Drainage district continuation and dissolution--County plan to include districts, vested rights and plans or projects of local government units and coordinated drainage areas.

46A-10A-43.1    Petition for future maintenance of drain jointly and voluntarily maintained by landowners within ten years of July 1, 1985.

46A-10A-43.2    Signing of petition--Contents.

46A-10A-43.3    Presentation of petition--Filing--Transmittal to Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources--Hearing.

46A-10A-43.4    Opportunity to appear at hearing--When granted--Resolution by board as to maintenance of drain.

46A-10A-44    Recommendation that state's attorney seek injunction or other court action to prevent or abate violation.

46A-10A-45    Mandamus proceedings authorized.

46A-10A-46    Control of drainage construction, rehabilitation, or methods--Approval of board.

46A-10A-47    Coordinated drainage area--Application for establishment--Inconsistency with county plan or controls barring formation--Validity of information in county in process of adopting plan or controls.

46A-10A-48    Survey and map of proposed coordinated drainage area required--Availability for examination.

46A-10A-49    Form, verification, signatures, filing, and presentation of application for establishment of area.

46A-10A-50    Order establishing area subject to voters' approval--Notice of election--Exemption from election requirement.

46A-10A-51    Publication of election notice.

46A-10A-52    Hours polls open--Costs of election.

46A-10A-53    Establishment of area effective on voters' approval--Waiting period after rejection by voters.

46A-10A-54    Appointment and duties of election officers--Order declaring area established--Conclusiveness of order.

46A-10A-55    Expenditure of county funds for application for coordinated drainage area--Assessment of costs from benefiting landowners.

46A-10A-56    Public lands subject to drainage laws--Service of notices--Appearance by board or officer in charge.

46A-10A-57    Responsibilities for drainage projects.

46A-10A-58    Signatures required for board action on drainage project petition.

46A-10A-59    Contents of drainage project petition.

46A-10A-60    Presentation and filing of petition--Time for board action--Copy to department.

46A-10A-61    Survey and report contracted by board--Contents--Right of entry--Copy to department.

46A-10A-62    Survey report to be written--Inspection--Scheduling hearing--Notice requirements.

46A-10A-63    Appearances at hearing--Establishment of project--Variation from report--Adjournment of hearing--Notices.

46A-10A-64    Assistance by department--Reimbursement of expenses.

46A-10A-65    Denial of petition or establishment of project--Findings required.

46A-10A-66    Assessments authorized--Expenses paid.

46A-10A-67    Acquisition of easements.

46A-10A-68    Damages due to project--Determination--Hearing--Appeal.

46A-10A-69    Naming project--Record of proceedings.

46A-10A-70    Permissible drainage of land.

46A-10A-71    Drains along or across highways.

46A-10A-72    Open ditches restricted along highways.

46A-10A-73    Drains along and across railroads--Costs.

46A-10A-74    Construction of drainage facilities across railroads--Costs.

46A-10A-75    Construction contracts--Bids--Preference of landowners--Bond of contractor--Construction without contract.

46A-10A-76    Highway bridges and culverts--Construction--Maintenance--Modification--Costs.

46A-10A-77    Construction and contracting powers of board.

46A-10A-78    Maintenance and improvement of existing drains, watercourses, and levees.

46A-10A-79    Apportionment of original cost to annexed area when project extended.

46A-10A-80    Maintenance of drains--Assessment of costs.

46A-10A-81    Jurisdiction of improved existing drain--Maintenance--Assessments.

46A-10A-82    Maintenance without notice--Actions authorized.

46A-10A-83    Petition for repair or improvement of drain.

46A-10A-84    Repairs without contract--Cost reimbursement.

46A-10A-85    Replacing drain as repair.

46A-10A-86    Improvements--Survey and cost estimate--Ordering without notice.

46A-10A-87    Improvements requiring notice and hearing--Reclassification of benefits--Appeal.

46A-10A-88    Assessment of maintenance and improvement costs.

46A-10A-89    Maintenance and assessments for drainage work in more than one county.

46A-10A-90    Injury or obstruction of drainage as misdemeanor--Civil liability.

46A-10A-91    Drain or watercourse constructed to prevent entry of water as nuisance--Exception.

46A-10A-92    Abandonment of project--Procedure.

46A-10A-93    Approval required to alter drainage rights established with federal or state funds.

46A-10A-94    Accounts of expenditures maintained--Inspection.

46A-10A-95    Appeal by state as to public lands.

46A-10A-96    Stay of proceedings on appeal--Bond--Damages.

46A-10A-97    Costs on appeal.

46A-10A-98    Drainage district management by Board of Trustees.

46A-10A-99    Petition for election.

46A-10A-100    Election meeting--Appointments.

46A-10A-101    Publication of notice of election--Votes by proxy.

46A-10A-102    Election board to procure district records preceding election--Elected trustees to act as record custodians--Updates to district records.

46A-10A-103    Voting rights of title holder.

46A-10A-104    Landowner or joint landowners entitled to one vote collectively--Voting rights of minor or protected person.

46A-10A-105    Voting through agent or proxy--Power of attorney to specify election for which it is used--Delivery of power of attorney.

46A-10A-106    Superintendent's responsibilities--Manner and purpose of elections.

46A-10A-107    Ballots and poll list--Ballot delivery.

46A-10A-108    Vote count--Determination of election results--Election materials to be retained for sixty days.

46A-10A-109    Results of election to determine length of term.

46A-10A-110    Trustees to appoint superintendent and clerks for subsequent election board--Determination of compensation of election board.

46A-10A-111    Succeeding annual trustee elections.

46A-10A-112    Trustee qualifications.

46A-10A-113    Appointment to fill vacancy.

46A-10A-114    Compensation of trustees and clerk of board--Filing requirements.

46A-10A-115    Election of chair and clerk of board.

46A-10A-116    Powers and duties of board of trustees.

46A-10A-117    Costs and expenses--Levy.

46A-10A-118    Assessment on real property.

46A-10A-119    Tax--Tax fund.

46A-10A-120    Issuance of improvement certificates and drainage bonds.

46A-10A-121    Record of official acts and proceedings--Filing of financial report--Examination of report.

46A-10A-122    Grievances--Mediation.

46A-10A-123    Special election--Notice.