46A-10B-1    Definition of terms.

46A-10B-2    Counties or municipalities authorized to establish drainage basin utility districts.

46A-10B-3    Joint powers agreement required.

46A-10B-4    Joint powers agreement--Contents.

46A-10B-4.1    Amendment to agreement--Adding to or deleting from district.

46A-10B-5    Hearing required--Timing and attendance.

46A-10B-6    Publication of proposed agreement or amendment prior to hearing--Contents.

46A-10B-7    Approval and execution of agreement--Establishment or adjustment of district.

46A-10B-8    Boundaries.

46A-10B-9    Agreement to designate and define composition of governing body--Requirements--Powers.

46A-10B-10    Certain actions prohibited without county or municipal government approval.

46A-10B-11    Required notice--Contents.

46A-10B-12    Drainage basin utility district as municipal utility.

46A-10B-13    Additional administrative powers of governing body.

46A-10B-14    Effect of chapter upon Water Management Board and certain other state laws.

46A-10B-15    Establishment of district no guarantee flooding or damage will be eliminated.

46A-10B-16    Assessment of basins--Governing body to designate installation of facilities and method of assessment.

46A-10B-17    Benefit versus cost analysis required.

46A-10B-18    Adoption of master drainage plan and stormwater map--Contents--Revisions.

46A-10B-19    Solicitation of entities to carry out plan--Furnishment of maps.

46A-10B-20    Establishment of stormwater basin development and utility fees--Assessments against individual properties.

46A-10B-21    Payment of development fee as condition for development--Purpose and amount of fee.

46A-10B-22    Imposition of stormwater utility fee--Purpose, amount and separate components of fee.

46A-10B-23    Fees deposited in fund--Purpose.

46A-10B-24    Collection of unpaid charges--Lien created--Enforcement of provisions of chapter.

46A-10B-25    Owner's right to dispute fees or other determinations--Petition and hearing.

46A-10B-26    Reduction of fees upon completion or implementation of plan.

46A-10B-27    Application of fees or charges.

46A-10B-28    Accumulation of funds authorized.

46A-10B-29    Issuance of bonds authorized.

46A-10B-30    Drainage report and construction plans--Requirements for subdivision approval.

46A-10B-31    Contract with developer--Reimbursement of actual costs incurred.

46A-10B-32    Collection of charge from abutting property developer--Conditions--Repayment of original installer.

46A-10B-33    Stormwater facility property of governing body--Responsibility for operation and maintenance.

46A-10B-34    Technical assistance provided by Board of Water and Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

46A-10B-35    Board to consider certain provisions and guidelines in establishing ordinances or procedures.

46A-10B-36    Dissolution of district.

46A-10B-37    Content and form of petition for dissolution.

46A-10B-38    Filing of petition.

46A-10B-39    Publication of petition prior to filing--Content.

46A-10B-40    Authority of circuit court to dissolve district.

46A-10B-41    Petition to suspend or cancel project--Content and form.

46A-10B-42    Publication of petition to cancel or suspend project--Requirements.

46A-10B-43    Authority of circuit to suspend or cancel project--Amendment of master plan.