47-1A-101    Short title.

47-1A-120    Requirements for documents.

47-1A-120.1    Terms of plan or filed document dependent on extrinsic facts--Applicable provisions.

47-1A-120.2    Provision of filed document dependent on extrinsic fact but fact not ascertainable by reference or shareholders not noticed of fact--Article of amendment.

47-1A-120.3    Dependency on extrinsic facts prohibited for specified provisions of plan or filed document.

47-1A-121    Forms.

47-1A-122    Fees for filing and service.

47-1A-122.1    Copying and certification fees.

47-1A-123    Effective time and date of document--Exceptions.

47-1A-123.1    Delayed effective time and date of document.

47-1A-124    Correction filed document--Circumstances when allowed.

47-1A-124.1    Correction of filed document--Procedure.

47-1A-124.2    Articles of correction--Effective date.

47-1A-125    Filing duty of Office of Secretary of State.

47-1A-126    Appeal from Office of Secretary of State's refusal to file document.

47-1A-127    Evidentiary effect of copy of filed document.

47-1A-128    Certificate of existence.

47-1A-129    Penalty for signing false document.

47-1A-140    Chapter definitions.

47-1A-141    Type of notice--Written or oral.

47-1A-141.1    Method of notice.

47-1A-141.2    Effective date of written notice by domestic or foreign corporation to shareholder.

47-1A-141.3    Address of written notice.

47-1A-141.4    Effective date of written notice--Exception.

47-1A-141.5    Notice requirements governing particular circumstances.

47-1A-142    Number of shareholders.

47-1A-201    Incorporators.

47-1A-202    Articles of incorporation--Required provisions.

47-1A-202.1    Articles of incorporation--Optional provisions.

47-1A-202.2    Articles of incorporation--Corporate powers.

47-1A-202.3    Articles of incorporation--Extrinsic facts.

47-1A-203    Incorporation.

47-1A-204    Liability for pre-incorporation transactions.

47-1A-205    Organization of corporation.

47-1A-206    Bylaws.

47-1A-207    Emergency bylaws.

47-1A-301    Purposes.

47-1A-302    General powers.

47-1A-303    Emergency powers.

47-1A-304    Ultra vires.

47-1A-401    Corporate name--Use of particular words--Purpose.

47-1A-401.1    Corporate name--Distinguishable from specified names--Exceptions.

47-1A-401.2    Corporate name--Application to use name not distinguishable from specified names--Authorization.

47-1A-401.3    Corporate name--Use of name upon merger, reorganization, or acquisition of assets.

47-1A-402    Reserved name.

47-1A-403    Foreign corporation--Registration of corporate name.

47-1A-403.1    Foreign corporation--Renewal of registration of corporate name.

47-1A-403.2    Foreign corporation--Qualification under registered name--Use of name by another--Termination.

47-1A-501    47-1A-501 to 47-1A-504. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 275, § 32.

47-1A-601    Authorized shares in articles of incorporation--Class or series--Terms.

47-1A-601.1    Classes or series of shares articles of incorporation required to authorize.

47-1A-601.2    Classes or series of shares articles of incorporation may authorize.

47-1A-602    Classification or reclassification of unissued shares determined by board of directors.

47-1A-602.1    Terms of class or series determined by board of directors.

47-1A-603    Issuance of shares--Outstanding until reacquired, redeemed, converted, or cancelled.

47-1A-603.1    Outstanding shares--Shares with unlimited voting rights and entitled to receipt of net assets upon dissolution required.

47-1A-604    Fractional shares--Scrip.

47-1A-604.1    Scrip--Label on certificate--Information.

47-1A-604.2    Rights of holder of fractional share--Scrip.

47-1A-604.3    Issuance of script--Authorization by board of directors--Conditions.

47-1A-620    Subscription for shares before incorporation.

47-1A-621    Issuance of shares by board of directors--Powers reserved to shareholders.

47-1A-621.1    Issuance of shares requiring approval of shareholders.

47-1A-622    Liability of shareholders.

47-1A-623    Share dividends.

47-1A-624    Share options.

47-1A-625    Form and content of certificates generally.

47-1A-625.1    Certificate requirements when corporation authorized to issue different classes of shares or different series within a class.

47-1A-625.2    Signatures on certificate--Seal.

47-1A-626    Shares without certificates.

47-1A-627    Restriction on transfer of shares or registration of transfer of shares in articles, bylaws, or agreements--Effect on shares.

47-1A-627.1    Purposes for which restriction on transfer of shares and registration of transfer of shares authorized--Validity and enforceability of restriction.

47-1A-627.2    Terms of restriction on transfer or registration of transfer of shares.

47-1A-628    Expense of issue.

47-1A-630    Shareholders' preemptive rights.

47-1A-631    Corporation's acquisition of its own shares.

47-1A-640    Distributions to shareholders authorized--Distribution entitlement date.

47-1A-640.1    Distribution to shareholders prohibited if certain financial conditions result.

47-1A-640.2    Factors used to measure effect of distribution.

47-1A-640.3    Indebtedness to shareholder by reason of distribution at parity with indebtedness to general unsecured creditor.

47-1A-640.4    Indebtedness of corporation for purposes of determinations under § 47-1A-640.1.

47-1A-640.5    Application of provisions in §§ 47-1A-640 to 47-1A-640.4.

47-1A-701    Annual meeting.

47-1A-702    Special meeting.

47-1A-703    Court-ordered meeting.

47-1A-704    Action without meeting.

47-1A-704.1    Notice to nonvoting shareholders of action to be taken by unanimous consent of voting shareholders.

47-1A-705    Notice of meeting.

47-1A-706    Waiver of notice.

47-1A-707    Record date.

47-1A-708    Conduct of the meeting.

47-1A-709    Shareholders' meeting--Remote communication--Requirements.

47-1A-720    Shareholders' list for meeting.

47-1A-721    Voting entitlement of shares.

47-1A-721.1    Limitation on voting entitlement of shares when owned by a second corporation--Shares held in fiduciary capacity.

47-1A-721.2    Voting entitlement of redeemable shares.

47-1A-722    Voting shares in person or by proxy--Appointment of proxy.

47-1A-722.1    Effective date and duration of appointment of proxy.

47-1A-722.2    Appointment of proxy revocable--Exception.

47-1A-722.3    Death or incapacity of shareholder appointing proxy.

47-1A-722.4    Transferee for value of shares subject to irrevocable appointment of proxy--Revocation.

47-1A-722.5    Acceptance of proxy's vote or other action--Limitations.

47-1A-723    Shares held by nominees.

47-1A-724    Corporation's acceptance of votes.

47-1A-724.1    Corporation's rejection of votes--Liability for acceptance or rejection--Validity of corporate action.

47-1A-725    Quorum and voting requirements for voting groups.

47-1A-726    Action by single and multiple voting groups.

47-1A-727    Greater quorum or voting requirements.

47-1A-728    Cumulative voting for directors.

47-1A-729    Inspectors of election.

47-1A-730    Voting trusts--Creation--Effective date and duration.

47-1A-730.1    Extension of voting trust for additional terms--Agreement.

47-1A-731    Voting agreements.

47-1A-732    Shareholder agreements--Effectiveness.

47-1A-732.1    Form, approval, amendment, and term of shareholder agreements.

47-1A-732.2    Existence of agreement to be noted on certificate--Right of rescission on purchase of shares without notice of agreement.

47-1A-732.3    Limitations on effectiveness of agreement--Amendment to articles of incorporation or bylaws.

47-1A-732.4    Liability of directors limited to extent discretion or powers limited by agreement.

47-1A-732.5    Agreement not grounds for imposition of personal liability on shareholder for acts or debts of corporation.

47-1A-732.6    Incorporators or subscribers for shares to act as shareholders with respect to agreement.

47-1A-740    Subpart definitions.

47-1A-741    Standing.

47-1A-742    Demand.

47-1A-743    Stay of proceedings.

47-1A-744    Dismissal upon determination that maintenance of proceeding not in best interests of corporation.

47-1A-744.1    Groups authorized to make determination that maintenance of proceeding not in best interest of corporation.

47-1A-744.2    Factors not pertinent to determining independence of directors.

47-1A-744.3    Proceeding commenced after rejection of shareholder demand--Complaint requirements.

47-1A-744.4    Burden of proof dependent on whether or not board consists of independent directors.

47-1A-744.5    Appointment of panel to make determination--Burden of proof.

47-1A-745    Discontinuance or settlement.

47-1A-746    Payment of expenses.

47-1A-747    Applicability to foreign corporations.

47-1A-801    Requirement for and duties of board of directors.

47-1A-802    Qualifications of directors.

47-1A-803    Number and election of directors.

47-1A-804    Election of directors by certain classes of shareholders.

47-1A-805    Terms of directors generally.

47-1A-806    Staggered terms for directors.

47-1A-807    Resignation of directors.

47-1A-808    Removal of directors by shareholders.

47-1A-809    Removal of directors by judicial proceeding.

47-1A-810    Vacancy on board.

47-1A-811    Compensation of directors.

47-1A-820    Meetings.

47-1A-821    Action without meeting.

47-1A-822    Notice of meeting.

47-1A-823    Waiver of notice.

47-1A-824    Quorum and voting.

47-1A-824.1    Director presence assent to action taken--Exceptions.

47-1A-825    Committees--Creation--Appointment of members.

47-1A-825.1    Powers of committees.

47-1A-825.2    Acts relating to committees not compliance by director with standards of conduct.

47-1A-825.3    Absent or disqualified committee member--Appointment of alternate member.

47-1A-830    Standards of conduct for directors.

47-1A-830.1    Director reliance on performance or information supplied by specified persons.

47-1A-831    Standards of liability for directors.

47-1A-831.1    Specific burdens when seeking specified money damages or payment.

47-1A-831.2    Limitations on the effect of §§ 47-1A-831 and 47-1A-831.1.

47-1A-832    47-1A-832. Reserved.

47-1A-833    Directors' liability for unlawful distributions.

47-1A-833.1    Contribution or recoupment--Limitation of action.

47-1A-840    Officers.

47-1A-841    Duties of officers.

47-1A-842    Standards of conduct for officers.

47-1A-842.1    Reliance on performance of or information supplied by specified persons authorized in discharge of duties.

47-1A-842.2    Liability of officer.

47-1A-843    Resignation and removal of officers.

47-1A-844    Contract rights of officers.

47-1A-850    Subpart definitions.

47-1A-851    Permissible indemnification.

47-1A-851.1    Prohibited indemnification--Exception.

47-1A-852    Mandatory indemnification.

47-1A-853    Advance for expenses.

47-1A-853.1    Authorizations under § 47-1A-853--Board of directors or shareholders.

47-1A-854    Court-ordered indemnification and advance for expenses.

47-1A-855    Determination and authorization of indemnification.

47-1A-856    Indemnification of officers.

47-1A-857    Insurance.

47-1A-858    Variation by corporate action--Application of subpart.

47-1A-859    Exclusivity of subpart.

47-1A-860    Subpart definitions.

47-1A-861    Judicial action--Transaction other than director's conflicting interest transaction.

47-1A-861.1    Judicial action--Director's conflicting interest transaction.

47-1A-862    Directors' action respecting transaction--Effectiveness.

47-1A-862.1    Sufficiency of director disclosure.

47-1A-862.2    Quorum of qualified directors.

47-1A-862.3    Qualified director defined.

47-1A-863    Shareholders' action respecting transaction--Effectiveness.

47-1A-863.1    Quorum of qualified shareholders.

47-1A-863.2    Notice by director of all shares beneficially owned or voting of which is controlled by director or relative.

47-1A-863.3    Court authority upon failure of shareholder vote to comply with § 47-1A-863.

47-1A-901    Excluded transactions.

47-1A-902    Required approvals.

47-1A-920    Domestication--Foreign business corporation to be domestic business corporation.

47-1A-920.1    Domestication--Domestic business corporation to be foreign business corporation.

47-1A-920.2    Plan of domestication--Content.

47-1A-920.3    Plan of domestication--Amendments.

47-1A-920.4    Terms of plan of domestication dependent on extrinsic facts.

47-1A-920.5    Evidence of indebtedness or contract with merger provision containing not reference to domestication--Provision application to domestication.

47-1A-921    Action on a plan of domestication.

47-1A-921.1    Articles of domestication--Content.

47-1A-921.2    Articles of domestication--Filing and effectiveness.

47-1A-921.3    Certificate of authority to transact business by foreign corporation cancelled upon domestication.

47-1A-922    Articles of domestication--Execution--Content.

47-1A-922.1    Articles of charter surrender--Filing and effectiveness.

47-1A-923    Surrender of charter upon domestication.

47-1A-924    Effect of domestication.

47-1A-924.1    Effect of domestication of domestic business corporation in foreign jurisdiction.

47-1A-924.2    Owner liability of shareholder in domesticated foreign corporation.

47-1A-924.3    Owner liability only for debts arising after effective time of articles of domestication.

47-1A-925    Abandonment of a domestication of domestic business corporation.

47-1A-925.1    Abandonment of domestication of foreign business corporation.

47-1A-950    Domestic business corporation to become domestic unincorporated entity.

47-1A-950.1    Domestic business corporation to become foreign unincorporated entity.

47-1A-950.2    Domestic unincorporated entity to become domestic business corporation.

47-1A-950.3    Foreign unincorporated entity to become domestic business corporation.

47-1A-950.4    Evidence of indebtedness or contract applying to merger containing no reference to entity conversion--Provision application to entity conversion.

47-1A-950.5    Definition of terms applying to §§ 47-1A-950 to 47-1A-956.

47-1A-951    Plan of entity conversion--Content.

47-1A-951.1    Plan of entity conversion--Amendments.

47-1A-951.2    Terms of plan of entity conversion dependent on extrinsic facts.

47-1A-952    Action on a plan of entity conversion.

47-1A-953    Domestic business corporation converted to domestic unincorporated entity--Articles of entity conversion--Content.

47-1A-953.1    Domestic unincorporated entity converted to domestic business corporation--Articles of entity conversion--Content.

47-1A-953.2    Foreign unincorporated entity converted to domestic business corporation--Articles of entity conversion--Content.

47-1A-953.3    Articles of entity conversion--Filing and effectiveness--Cancellation of certificate of authority.

47-1A-954    Surrender of charter upon conversion.

47-1A-955    Effect of entity conversion.

47-1A-955.1    Effect of conversion of domestic business to a foreign other entity.

47-1A-955.2    Owner liability only for debts arising after effective time of articles of entity conversion.

47-1A-955.3    Owner liability of an interest holder in an unincorporated entity converted to domestic business corporation.

47-1A-956    Abandonment of an entity conversion.

47-1A-957    Cooperative converted to business corporation.

47-1A-1001    Authority to amend.

47-1A-1002    Amendment before issuance of shares.

47-1A-1003    Amendment by board of directors and shareholders.

47-1A-1004    Voting on amendments by voting groups.

47-1A-1005    Amendment by board of directors.

47-1A-1006    Articles of amendment.

47-1A-1007    Restated articles of incorporation--Adoption.

47-1A-1007.1    Restated articles of incorporation--Delivery to Office of Secretary of State.

47-1A-1007.2    Restated articles of incorporation--Certification as articles currently in effect.

47-1A-1008    Amendment pursuant to reorganization.

47-1A-1009    Effect of amendment.

47-1A-1020    Amendment by board of directors or shareholders.

47-1A-1021    Bylaw increasing quorum or voting requirement for directors.

47-1A-1101    Definitions.

47-1A-1102    Merger allowed generally.

47-1A-1102.1    Foreign business corporation or foreign eligible entities allowed to parties to merger.

47-1A-1102.2    Procedures for approval of merger if not in organic law of entity.

47-1A-1102.3    Plan of merger--Required content.

47-1A-1102.4    Plan of merger--Amendment.

47-1A-1102.5    Property held in trust or for charitable purposes--Disposition by court order.

47-1A-1103    Share exchange generally.

47-1A-1103.1    Foreign corporation or eligible party allowed to be party to share exchange.

47-1A-1103.2    Procedures for approval of share exchange if not in organic law of entity.

47-1A-1103.3    Plan of share exchange--Required content.

47-1A-1103.4    Plan of share exchange--Amendments.

47-1A-1103.5    Acquisition of shares in transactions other than share exchange.

47-1A-1104    Action on a plan of merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1105    Merger between parent and subsidiary or between subsidiaries.

47-1A-1105.1    Parent corporation notice to subsidiary shareholders of merger effectiveness.

47-1A-1105.2    Provisions applicable to merger between parent and subsidiary.

47-1A-1106    Articles of merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1107    Effect of merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1107.1    Rights of shares of domestic corporation exchanged.

47-1A-1107.2    Owner liability only as in organic law and for debts arising after effective time of articles of merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1107.3    Effect of merger on surviving foreign corporation or foreign eligible entity.

47-1A-1107.4    Effect of merger or share exchange on owner liability of person who had owner liability for obligations of party to merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1108    Abandonment of a merger or share exchange.

47-1A-1201    Disposition of assets not requiring shareholder approval.

47-1A-1202    Shareholder approval of certain dispositions.

47-1A-1202.1    Resolution authorizing disposition--Recommendation and submission of resolution to shareholders--Conditions.

47-1A-1202.2    Meeting of shareholders to consider disposition--Notice.

47-1A-1202.3    Votes required for approval of disposition.

47-1A-1202.4    Abandonment of disposition.

47-1A-1202.5    Provisions not governing disposition of assets in course of dissolution.

47-1A-1202.6    Assets of direct or indirect consolidated subsidiary considered assets of parent corporation.

47-1A-1301    Definitions.

47-1A-1302    Right to appraisal.

47-1A-1302.1    Limitations on availability of appraisal rights.

47-1A-1302.2    Limits on or elimination of appraisal rights for preferred shares by articles of incorporation--Application.

47-1A-1302.3    Challenge of specified completed corporate actions--Limitation.

47-1A-1303    Assertion of appraisal rights by record shareholders for part of shares in name.

47-1A-1303.1    Assertion of appraisal rights of beneficial shareholder.

47-1A-1320    Notice of appraisal rights.

47-1A-1321    Notice of intent to demand payment.

47-1A-1322    Appraisal notice and form--Delivery to shareholders.

47-1A-1322.1    Appraisal notice and form--Time limits and content.

47-1A-1323    Perfection of rights--Right to withdraw.

47-1A-1323.1    Subsequent withdrawal from appraisal process.

47-1A-1323.2    Loss of payment upon failure to return form and deposit share certificates.

47-1A-1324    Payment for shares.

47-1A-1325    Withholding of payment for after-acquired shares.

47-1A-1325.1    Notice required upon withholding of payment for after-acquired shares.

47-1A-1325.2    Payment for shares upon shareholder acceptance of offer in notice.

47-1A-1325.3    Payment for shares of amount offered in notice to specified shareholders.

47-1A-1326    Procedure if shareholder dissatisfied with payment or offer.

47-1A-1330    Court action.

47-1A-1330.1    Venue.

47-1A-1330.2    Parties--Service.

47-1A-1330.3    Jurisdiction--Appraisers--Discovery--Jury trial.

47-1A-1330.4    Judgment amount.

47-1A-1331    Court costs.

47-1A-1331.1    Counsel and expert fees and expenses.

47-1A-1331.2    Counsel fees to be paid by benefited shareholders.

47-1A-1401    Dissolution by incorporators or initial directors.

47-1A-1402    Proposal to dissolve by board of directors--Requirements for adoption.

47-1A-1402.1    Conditions for submission of proposal for dissolution.

47-1A-1402.2    Meeting of shareholders to consider dissolving corporation--Notice.

47-1A-1402.3    Votes required for adoption of proposal to dissolve.

47-1A-1403    Articles of dissolution--Content--Filing--Effective date.

47-1A-1403.1    Dissolved corporation defined.

47-1A-1404    Revocation of dissolution.

47-1A-1405    Effect of dissolution.

47-1A-1405.1    Limitations on effect of dissolution.

47-1A-1406    Known claims against dissolved corporation.

47-1A-1406.1    Bar on known claims against dissolved corporation.

47-1A-1406.2    Claim exclusions.

47-1A-1407    Other claims against dissolved corporation--Publication of notice of dissolution.

47-1A-1407.1    Time for bringing action to enforce claim against dissolved corporation after notice publication.

47-1A-1407.2    Enforcement of claims against dissolved corporations.

47-1A-1408    Court proceedings for determination of amount and form of security for contingent, unknown, or future claims.

47-1A-1408.1    Court-ordered security satisfaction for contingent, unknown, or future claims.

47-1A-1409    Director duties.

47-1A-1420    Grounds for administrative dissolution.

47-1A-1421    Procedure for and effect of administrative dissolution.

47-1A-1422    Reinstatement following administrative dissolution.

47-1A-1423    Appeal from denial of reinstatement.

47-1A-1430    Grounds for judicial dissolution.

47-1A-1431    Venue.

47-1A-1431.1    Shareholders as parties.

47-1A-1431.2    Authority of court until full hearing held.

47-1A-1431.3    Shareholder right to avoid dissolution by purchase of petitioner shares--Notice.

47-1A-1432    Receivership or custodianship.

47-1A-1433    Decree of dissolution.

47-1A-1434    Election to purchase in lieu of dissolution.

47-1A-1434.1    Filing deadline for election to purchase--Notice of right to participate in election--Participation.

47-1A-1434.2    Agreement on fair value and terms of purchase of shares.

47-1A-1434.3    Court determination of fair value of shares when parties unable to reach agreement.

47-1A-1434.4    Order directing purchase of shares--Terms and conditions--Fees and expenses.

47-1A-1434.5    Dismissal of petition to dissolve corporation.

47-1A-1434.6    Time for purchase--Intent of corporation to adopt articles of dissolution--Dissolution--Fees and expenses--Claims.

47-1A-1434.7    Provisions applicable to payment by corporation pursuant to order to purchase shares.

47-1A-1440    Deposit with state treasurer.

47-1A-1501    Authority to transact business required.

47-1A-1502    Consequences of transacting business without authority.

47-1A-1502.1    Stay of proceeding until necessity for certificate of authority is determined and obtained.

47-1A-1502.2    Penalties for transacting business without certificate of authority--Collection.

47-1A-1503    Application for certificate of authority.

47-1A-1504    Amended certificate of authority.

47-1A-1505    Effect of certificate of authority.

47-1A-1506    Corporate name of foreign corporation--Use of particular words--Fictitious name.

47-1A-1506.1    Corporate name--Distinguishable from specified names.

47-1A-1506.2    Corporate name--Application to use name not distinguishable from specified names--Authorization.

47-1A-1506.3    Corporate name--Use of name upon merger, reorganization, or acquisition of assets.

47-1A-1506.4    Corporation prohibited from transacting business in state upon change to unauthorized name--Amended certificate of authority.

47-1A-1507    47-1A-1507 to 47-1A-1510. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 275, § 48.

47-1A-1520    Withdrawal of foreign corporation.

47-1A-1521    Automatic withdrawal upon certain conversions.

47-1A-1522    Withdrawal upon conversion to a nonfiling entity.

47-1A-1523    Transfer of authority.

47-1A-1530    Grounds for revocation.

47-1A-1531    Procedure for and effect of revocation.

47-1A-1531.1    Revocation appoints Office of Secretary of State agent for service of process for corporation--Registered agent.

47-1A-1532    Appeal from revocation.

47-1A-1601    Corporate records--Requirements.

47-1A-1601.1    Corporate records--Copies at principal office.

47-1A-1602    Shareholder right to inspect and copy records specified in § 47-1A-1601.1.

47-1A-1602.1    Shareholder right to inspect and copy specified records--Prerequisites in § 47-1A-1602.2.

47-1A-1602.2    Prerequisites to shareholder right to inspect and copy records specified in § 47-1A-1602.1.

47-1A-1602.3    Abolition or limitation of right of inspection prohibited--Application.

47-1A-1603    Scope of inspection right.

47-1A-1604    Court-ordered inspection of records specified in § 47-1A-1602.

47-1A-1604.1    Court-ordered inspection of other records.

47-1A-1604.2    Court-ordered inspection--Order to pays costs--Restrictions on use or distribution of records.

47-1A-1605    Inspection of records by directors.

47-1A-1605.1    Court-ordered inspection of records upon application of director.

47-1A-1605.2    Court-ordered inspection for director--Limitations--Costs.

47-1A-1606    Exception to notice requirement.

47-1A-1620    Financial statements for shareholders.

47-1A-1621    47-1A-1621 to 47-1A-1621.3. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 275, § 53.

47-1A-1701    Application to existing domestic corporations.

47-1A-1702    Application to qualified foreign corporations.

47-1A-1703    Saving provisions.

47-1A-1703.1    Penalty imposition for violation of repealed statute.