47-11-1    Medical corporations authorized--Formation and purposes--Number of stockholders, directors, and officers.

47-11-1.1    Definition of terms.

47-11-2    Corporate name.

47-11-3    Medical license required for all officers, directors, and shareholders.

47-11-3.1    Revocable trust as shareholder--Conditions.

47-11-4    Death of shareholder--Computation of book value.

47-11-5    Contracts for personal services with licensed persons.

47-11-6    Employees subject to Medical Practice Act.

47-11-7    Certificate of registration required--Application for certificate--Contents.

47-11-8    Action on application--Conditions to issuance of certificate--Duration of certificate.

47-11-9    Posting of certificate required.

47-11-10    Amending certificate upon change of location.

47-11-11    Certificate not assignable.

47-11-12    Annual renewal of certificate--Conditions.

47-11-13    Suspension or revocation of certificate--Grounds.

47-11-14    Notice and hearing required--Contents of notice.

47-11-15    Appeal from denial of certificate--Power of court on appeal.

47-11-16    Service of notice of appeal.

47-11-17    Physician-patient relationship unaffected.

47-11-18    Private corporations law as applicable.

47-11-19    Severability and saving clause.

47-11-20    Conflict with Medical Practice Act.

47-11-21    Citation of chapter.