47-11E-4. Name of corporation or limited liability company.

The name of a corporation formed pursuant to § 47-11E-1 shall contain the words, professional company or professional corporation or abbreviations thereof, such as Prof. Co., Prof. Corp., P.C., or PC. The name of a limited liability company formed under § 47-11E-1 shall contain the words, professional limited liability company, or the abbreviation, Prof. L.L.C., Prof. LLC, P.L.L.C., or PLLC. The name of the corporation or limited liability company shall always meet the ethical standards established for the names of nursing firms by the canons of professional ethics of the South Dakota Board of Nursing as if all the stockholders of the corporation were partners.

Source: SL 1996, ch 228, § 4; SL 2000, ch 222, § 4; SL 2020, ch 197, § 6.