47-11E-1    Professional service corporations and limited liability companies for the practice of nursing authorized.

47-11E-1.1    Definition of terms.

47-11E-2    Formation of corporation authorized.

47-11E-3    Powers and privileges.

47-11E-4    Name of corporation or limited liability company.

47-11E-5    Shareholders must be licensed and engaged in practice of nursing.

47-11E-5.1    Revocable trust as shareholder--Conditions.

47-11E-6    Ineligible shareholder to dispose of shares.

47-11E-7    Qualifications of president, directors and officers.

47-11E-8    47-11E-8 to 47-11E-12. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 240, § 8.

47-11E-12.1    Personal liability of shareholders, directors, and officers of professional corporations or members or managers of limited liability companies limited for corporate or individual obligations--Exception.

47-11E-12.2    Amendment of articles of incorporation to be consistent with law.

47-11E-12.3    Application of repealed provisions to acts, errors, or omissions occurring before July 1, 2005.

47-11E-13    Filing of articles of incorporation.

47-11E-14    Corporations not to engage in practice of nursing outside of chapter.

47-11E-15    Pension profit sharing, health and accident insurance or welfare plan for employees--Restrictions.

47-11E-16    Standards of professional conduct--Compliance.

47-11E-17    Suspension of corporation or members from practice of nursing.

47-11E-18    Standards of professional conduct--Discipline.

47-11E-19    Effect of act.

47-11E-20    Board of Nursing to promulgate rules.