47-17-4. First directors as temporary board--Election of permanent directors--Territorial directors--Directors' terms of office--Alternates.

The directors of a cooperative constituting the temporary board, named in the articles, shall hold office until the first member meeting. At that meeting and thereafter, at or in conjunction with the annual member meeting, directors shall be elected by a majority of the members voting in the manner and for the terms provided in the bylaws. If the bylaws provide that directors be from specified territorial districts, the articles may limit voting for any director to members from within the territorial district from which the director is to be elected. The bylaws may provide that directors may be elected at district director election meetings held for said purpose. Unless the bylaws provide otherwise, a director's term of office is one year. Each director holds office for the term for which elected and until the director's successor takes office. The bylaws may permit selection of alternates to take the place of directors absent at a meeting of the board.

Source: SDC 1939, § 11.1123 (3) as enacted by SL 1965, ch 23, § 1; SL 2000, ch 220, § 5; SL 2021, ch 194, § 6.