47-23-1    Classes of members--Corporations without members--Articles of incorporation as governing--Certificates of membership.

47-23-2    Exoneration from personal liability.

47-23-2.1    Liability of director, trustee, committee member, or officer serving without compensation.

47-23-3    Members' meetings--Time and place.

47-23-4    Annual members' meeting--Time and place--Failure to hold meeting.

47-23-5    Special meetings--Electronic communication.

47-23-6    Taking action without meeting--Written consent--Effect of written consent.

47-23-7    Notice to members of meeting--Manner of giving notice.

47-23-8    Articles or bylaws as limiting right to vote--Vote in absence of limitation provision.

47-23-9    Voting procedure--Proxy votes--Ballots.

47-23-10    Cumulative voting for directors.

47-23-11    Corporations without members entitled to vote--Powers of directors.

47-23-12    Bylaw provisions governing vote or quorum--Quorum in absence of bylaw provision--Majority vote required.

47-23-13    Board of directors--Qualifications of directors.

47-23-14    Number of directors--Bylaws as governing--Increasing or decreasing number of directors--Decrease as not affecting term.

47-23-15    First board of directors--Term of office.

47-23-16    Election or appointment of directors--Term of office.

47-23-17    Classes of directors--Term of office.

47-23-18    Removal of directors.

47-23-19    Vacancy on board of directors--Filling by majority vote of remaining directors--Term of office.

47-23-20    Quorum of directors--Provisions of articles or bylaws as governing.

47-23-21    Meetings by teleconference.

47-23-22    Committees--Authority and function--Responsibility of board of directors.

47-23-23    Articles or bylaws as governing vote of directors.

47-23-24    Corporate officers--Appointment and term of office--Ex officio members of board of directors.

47-23-25    Removal of officers--Contract rights unaffected.

47-23-26    Notice to members or directors--Written waiver.

47-23-27    Indemnification of corporate agents for liability from good faith acts on behalf of corporation.

47-23-28    Definition of terms.

47-23-29    Immunity of volunteers of nonprofit organizations, free clinics, certain hospitals, and governmental entities.

47-23-30    Person not immune where negligent operation of vehicle caused injury.

47-23-31    Effect on other statutes concerning immunity.

47-23-32    Waiver of immunity to extent of risk sharing pool or liability insurance coverage--Volunteer serving as director, officer, or trustee exempt.