49-33-5.1. Powers of corporation--Business corporation powers.

In addition to all provisions and powers in chapters 49-33 and 49-34 that are applicable to corporations organized under those chapters, all provisions and powers set forth in the South Dakota Business Corporation Act, §§ 47-1A-101 to 47-1A-863.3, inclusive, §§ 47-1A-1401 to 47-1A-1440, inclusive, and §§ 47-1A-1601 to 47-1A-1703.1, inclusive, applicable to domestic corporations are also applicable to corporations that have been or will be organized under chapters 49-33 and 49-34 except if in conflict with the express provisions of chapters 49-33 and 49-34.

Source: SL 1981, ch 337; SL 2005, ch 202, § 12; SL 2021, ch 200, § 3.