50-7-17. Airport system expansion and improvement--Project applications--Prior approval--Federal funds--Requirements.

No governmental agency in this state, whether acting alone or jointly with another governmental agency, may submit to the Federal Aviation Administration any project application under the provisions of any act of Congress which provides airport planning, construction, and development funds or other funds for the expansion and improvement of the airport system as the act shall pertain to the State of South Dakota, unless the project application has been first approved by the department. No governmental agency may directly receive or disburse any funds granted by the United States under the act, but the governmental agency shall designate the department as its agent to receive and disburse the funds. The governmental agency shall enter into an agreement with the department prescribing the terms and conditions of the agency in accordance with federal laws and regulations and applicable laws of this state. The moneys paid over by the United States government shall be retained by the state or paid over to the governmental agency under such terms and conditions as may be imposed by the United States government making the grant.

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