50-7-1    Municipalities includes organized townships and counties.

50-7-2    County commissioners and municipalities--Airports--Powers and jurisdiction--Airport boards.

50-7-2.1    50-7-2.1. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 222, § 44.

50-7-2.2    50-7-2.2 to 50-7-2.4. Repealed by SL 2019, ch 204, §§ 1 to 3.

50-7-3    Lease of airport to private operator--Liability for negligent maintenance of airport.

50-7-4    Acquisition of airport lands as public purpose--Procedure for condemnation--Exchange of lands.

50-7-5    Joint operation of airport by public bodies--Purchase of interest in airport--Creation of airport boards.

50-7-6    Acquisition of land for county airport.

50-7-7    Statement of intention to establish airport--Protest by voters--Submission to vote.

50-7-8    Authority of municipalities to acquire airport--Raising funds for airport--Authorization, issuance and sale of bonds.

50-7-9    Annual appropriations for airports--Taxation.

50-7-10    Airport sponsors--Powers--Federal grants--Agreements.

50-7-11    Airport contracts subject to contract laws.

50-7-12    Planning, construction, and maintenance of airport--Leasing and subleasing--Expenses.

50-7-13    Administration of existing airports--Creation of airport board.

50-7-14    Charges for use of airport--Approval of governing body.

50-7-14.1    Repealed.

50-7-15    Cooperative agreements--Airport improvements--Reimbursement.

50-7-16    Interest on amounts to be reimbursed.

50-7-17    Airport system expansion and improvement--Project applications--Prior approval--Federal funds--Requirements.

50-7-18    Indemnification agreements--Lands subject to mineral rights or oil and gas leases.

50-7-19    Indemnification agreements--Limitations.