50-12-2. Aircraft dealer's license--Application--Contents.

Any person desiring to sell or solicit as a dealer the sale of aircraft within South Dakota shall apply for an aircraft dealer's license to the department. For the original application, the person shall possess one or more aircraft under normal registration. The application shall be made in writing on a form furnished by the department and shall contain the following information:

(1)    The name and physical address of the aircraft dealer;

(2)    The physical address of each owner, director, or principal officer of such aircraft dealer. If the applicant is a foreign corporation, the application shall designate the state of incorporation, and the post office address of the registered office and registered agent of such corporation in South Dakota. Evidence shall be furnished showing that the foreign corporation has been granted authority to do business in South Dakota by the secretary of state. If the applicant is a foreign person or partnership, the application shall set forth the permanent business address in the foreign state; and

(3)    Whether the applicant has previously been an aircraft dealer in South Dakota, and if so, the number of aircraft the applicant has sold within a period of twenty-four months preceding the date of the application.

Source: SDC 1939, § 2.0702 as enacted by SL 1966, ch 1, § 9; SL 1980, ch 330, § 2; SL 2010, ch 227, § 84; SL 2014, ch 222, § 96; SL 2020, ch 203, § 20.