51A-3-1    Corporation laws applicable to banks.

51A-3-1.1    Bank organized as limited liability company--Rules.

51A-3-2    Articles of incorporation or articles of organization--Content--Name of bank--Capital stock or members' equity.

51A-3-3    Incorporators of bank.

51A-3-4    Minimum capital.

51A-3-5    Sale price of original stock issue or original issue of members' equity--Excess credited to surplus.

51A-3-6    Transfers to surplus.

51A-3-7    Applications--Fee.

51A-3-8    Acceptance of application for charter.

51A-3-9    Conditions to be considered in ruling on application.

51A-3-10    Hearing on application.

51A-3-11    51A-3-11. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 252, § 14.

51A-3-12    Endorsement and filing of approved articles--Notice of disapproval.

51A-3-13    Subscription of shares--Minimum collection--Refund on disapproval of application.

51A-3-14    Call by incorporators for full payment of subscriptions--Issuance of certificate of authority by director--Commencement of business within one year.

51A-3-15    Applications for branch banks and detached drive-in facilities--Applicable provisions.

51A-3-16    Preferred stock, capital notes, and debentures--Director approval of issuance--Terms of issue--Director approval of retirement or payment.

51A-3-17    Preferred stock, capital notes, and debentures outstanding--Restrictions on dividends.

51A-3-17.1    Dividends--Definition.

51A-3-18    Dividends--Restrictions and requirements for declaration.

51A-3-19    Approval of director required for unusually large dividends.

51A-3-20    Recovery of dividends paid when capital impaired.

51A-3-21    Net profits defined.

51A-3-22    Amendment of articles of incorporation--Changes requiring approval of director--Filing of amendments.

51A-3-23    Extension of charter.

51A-3-24    Reporting transfers of stock.

51A-3-25    Change in control of bank.

51A-3-26    Lien on shares--Enforcement--Marking of certificates.

51A-3-27    Purchase or purchase money loans on security of own stock prohibited--Exception.

51A-3-28    Credit of dividends, interest, or profits on indebtedness--Foreclosure of lien.

51A-3-29    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 252, § 12.

51A-3-30    Adoption and approval of bylaws.

51A-3-31    Indemnification of officers, directors, or employees.

51A-3-32    Board of directors--Number of members--Citizenship requirements--Election.

51A-3-33    Removal of directors--Vote required.

51A-3-34    Board of directors--Meetings.

51A-3-35    Election of officers--Terms--Vacancies.

51A-3-36    Names of officers and information forwarded to director--Vacancy on refusal to confirm.

51A-3-37    Bonds of officers and employees.

51A-3-38    Insurance protection.

51A-3-39    Amount of bonds and insurance prescribed by bank directors--Approval by director of division.