51A-4-1    Miscellaneous banking powers.

51A-4-1.1    Banking with industrial hemp or marijuana licensees and associated persons authorized.

51A-4-2    Purchase and sale of securities on order of customer--Contract with securities brokerage services allowed.

51A-4-3    Operation of travel agency.

51A-4-4    Insurance business authorized.

51A-4-5    Certificate of authority required to engage in banking business--Misdemeanor.

51A-4-6    Order to cease and desist for violation--Right to appeal.

51A-4-7    Arrest and prosecution for violation.

51A-4-8    Deposit insurance required--Federal reserve system membership authorized.

51A-4-9    Real property authorized to be held by bank--Maximum book value of premises.

51A-4-10    Property authorized to be purchased to satisfy debts--Limitation on period of retention.

51A-4-11    51A-4-11. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 47, § 17.

51A-4-12    Checks settled at par--Payment from reserve deposits.

51A-4-13    Borrowing money by bank--Pledge of assets.

51A-4-14    "Bills payable" issued for money borrowed by bank--Record of amount borrowed.

51A-4-15    Rediscounting of negotiable paper--Limitation on pledge of assets as security.

51A-4-16    Sale, transfer, or assignment of loan participations.

51A-4-17    Sale of assets of bank.

51A-4-18    Grounds and procedure for nonobservance of banking hours--Extension of hours.

51A-4-19    Change in banking hours--Notice to division.

51A-4-20    Restriction on use of bank money to purchase other bank stock--Community investments authorized--Limitation on investment.

51A-4-20.1    "Community development corporation" defined.

51A-4-20.2    Qualification of community development corporation as permissible investment.

51A-4-20.3    Promulgation of rules for investment in community development corporations.

51A-4-20.4    Investments to promote public welfare authorized--Limitations.

51A-4-21    Bad debts--Maximum time allowed before charge-off--Overdraft not allowed as asset.

51A-4-22    Purchase of retail installment contract--Terms and effect of agreement.

51A-4-23    Leasing of personal property by bank--Terms and conditions.

51A-4-24    Factoring--Applicability of lending limit provisions.

51A-4-25    Bank investments--Restrictions set by rule--Limitations.

51A-4-25.1    Annuity defined.

51A-4-26    Exceptions to investment limitation--Purchase of federal, state, and municipal obligations and bonds or interim notes of South Dakota Building Authority.

51A-4-27    Investments in agricultural credit corporations and livestock loan companies.

51A-4-28    Restricted investment in mortgage banking companies authorized.

51A-4-29    Banks authorized to make or purchase loans secured by real estate mortgages--Sale of loans to Federal National Mortgage Association--Capital contributions.

51A-4-30    Investment in federally sponsored housing loans.

51A-4-31    51A-4-31 to 51A-4-40. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 252, §§ 18 to 27.

51A-4-41    Repealed.

51A-4-42    Restrictions on purchase of cash value life insurance contracts.

51A-4-43    Access to motor vehicle title and lien information on state's computer system.

51A-4-44    Financial institution and services defined.

51A-4-45    Contracts for services.

51A-4-46    Debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension contracts--Fee.