51A-5-1.1. Powers of banks engaging in trust business.

Banks engaging in the trust business pursuant to this chapter have all powers necessary and incidental to carrying on the trust business, including:

(1)    Acting as agent, custodian, or attorney-in-fact for any person, and, in such capacity, taking and holding property on deposit for safekeeping and acting as general or special agent or attorney-in-fact in the acquisition, management, sale, assignment, transfer, encumbrance, conveyance, or other disposition of property, in the collection or disbursement of income from or principal of property and, generally in any matter incidental to any of the foregoing;

(2)    Acting as registrar or transfer agent for any corporation, partnership, association, municipality, state, or public authority, and in such capacity, receiving and disbursing money, transferring, registering, and countersigning certificates of stock, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness or securities and performing any and all acts which may be incidental thereto;

(3)    Acting as trustee or fiduciary under any mortgage or bond issued by a person;

(4)    Acting as trustee or fiduciary under any trust established by a person;

(5)    Acting as fiduciary, assignee for the benefit of creditors, receiver or trustee under or pursuant to the order or direction of any court or public official of competent jurisdiction;

(6)    Acting as fiduciary, guardian, conservator, assignee, or receiver of the estate of any person and as executor of the last will and testament or administrator, fiduciary or personal representative of the estate of any deceased person when appointed by a court or public official of competent jurisdiction;

(7)    Establishing and maintaining common trust funds or collective investment funds pursuant to the provisions of chapter 55-6; or

(8)    Acting in any fiduciary capacity and performing any act as a fiduciary which a trust company organized under chapter 51A-6A may perform.

Source: SL 1995, ch 268, § 85; SL 2011, ch 212, § 20; SL 2021, ch 203, § 1.