51A-6A-1    Definitions.

51A-6A-2    Confidential information.

51A-6A-3    "Community" defined.

51A-6A-4    Application for incorporation--Approval procedure--Emergency procedure.

51A-6A-5    Considerations in ruling on application-Proceedings on application.

51A-6A-5.1    Notice to division of material omission in application or change in facts reported in application.

51A-6A-6    Application fee.

51A-6A-6.1    51A-6A-6.1. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 282, § 34.

51A-6A-7    Organization of public and private trust companies--Submission and approval of articles--Required information.

51A-6A-7.1    Corporation laws applied.

51A-6A-8    Amendment of articles--Extension of existence.

51A-6A-9    Starting date of trust company existence--Commencement of business.

51A-6A-10    Statement of payment of capital--Certificate of organization.

51A-6A-11    Authority to transact business required--Violation as misdemeanor.

51A-6A-11.1    Public trust companies to maintain office and perform trust administration in South Dakota.

51A-6A-11.2    Office space requirements.

51A-6A-11.3    Approval of other office space requirements.

51A-6A-12    List of owners--Annual submission to director--Verification of list.

51A-6A-13    Governing board--Membership--Election--Vacancies.

51A-6A-14    Officers of governing board--Bond required.

51A-6A-15    Meetings of governing board--Examination and audit of books and records.

51A-6A-16    Oath of board members.

51A-6A-17    Persons convicted of certain crimes ineligible to serve as board member, officer, or key employee--Civil penalty--Criminal background investigation.

51A-6A-18    51A-6A-18. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 220, § 1.

51A-6A-19    Determining capital--Minimum--Purpose of capital--Fidelity bond and liability insurance policy.

51A-6A-19.1    Additional capital requirements--Safety and soundness factors to be considered--Effective date of order--Hearing.

51A-6A-19.2    Investments pledged to division for security of trust creditors of trust company--Amount--Income from investments--Pledge increase--Hearing.

51A-6A-19.3    Pledge available to satisfy claims upon liquidation, abandonment of trust powers, or resignation.

51A-6A-20    Payment of subscriptions--Reduction of common stock.

51A-6A-21    Transferring stock and ownership units.

51A-6A-22    Increasing capital stock or ownership units.

51A-6A-23    Registration of capital stock or ownership units.

51A-6A-24    Issuance and retirement of preferred stock.

51A-6A-25    Rights and liability of preferred stockholders--Dividends.

51A-6A-26    Issuance of convertible or nonconvertible capital notes or debentures.

51A-6A-27    Dividends not permitted from required capital.

51A-6A-28    Dividends from undivided profits or surplus.

51A-6A-29    Powers of trust company.

51A-6A-29.1    Permissible business of trust companies.

51A-6A-30    Retention of records--Promulgation of rules--Reproduction of records--Duty of confidentiality.

51A-6A-31    Periodic examination of trust company--Report of examination--Cooperative, coordinating and information-sharing agreements among agencies.

51A-6A-32    Examination of fiduciary affairs of officers or employees--Examination of affiliated companies or corporations.

51A-6A-33    Examination expenses paid by trust companies--Fees.

51A-6A-34    Annual report of trust company to director--Form of report--Request for additional reports.

51A-6A-35    Authority of trust company revoked upon obstruction or interference with, or refusal to submit to, examination of director.

51A-6A-36    Service of notice of charges--Contents of notice--Temporary cease and desist order.

51A-6A-37    Revocation of franchise for failure to comply with lawful requirements.

51A-6A-38    Hearing on revocation of trust authority.

51A-6A-39    Confidentiality of information generated by examination--Disclosure--Hearing.

51A-6A-40    Correction of unsafe or unsound condition or operation--Appointment of special assistant--Appeal of appointment.

51A-6A-41    Insolvency defined.

51A-6A-42    Director to take charge of insolvent trust company--Appointment of special assistant.

51A-6A-43    Plan for reorganization of insolvent trust company.

51A-6A-44    Appointment of receiver--Bond--Qualifications--Report--Removal.

51A-6A-45    Powers and duties of receiver--Order of payment of liabilities.

51A-6A-45.1    Liability of receiver.

51A-6A-46    Periodic examination of trust company in the hands of a receiver.

51A-6A-46.1    Suspension, liquidation, order against unsound practice, removal of director or officer, or injunction.

51A-6A-46.2    Disclosure of confidential information in certain actions.

51A-6A-47    Acquisition of trust company--Notice to director--Approval--Order of disapproval--Hearing.

51A-6A-48    Contents of notice of proposed acquisition.

51A-6A-49    Reason for disapproval of acquisition.

51A-6A-50    Procedure for merger, consolidation, conversion, or transfer of assets and liabilities to another bank or trust company.

51A-6A-50.1    Proceedings to legally dissolve charter of acquired, merged, or consolidated trust company.

51A-6A-51    Necessity of execution or delivery of deed for merger or consolidation.

51A-6A-52    Fiduciary capacity of successor trust company.

51A-6A-53    Name of trust company--Name change.

51A-6A-54    Approval required for changing place of business--Examination and investigation by director.

51A-6A-55    51A-6A-55 to 51A-6A-57. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 239, §§ 8 to 10.

51A-6A-58    Establishment of trust service offices--Application.

51A-6A-59    51A-6A-59, 51A-6A-60. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 258, §§ 12, 13.

51A-6A-61    Membership in federal reserve bank.

51A-6A-62    Depositing securities into federal reserve bank.

51A-6A-63    Registering investments in name of nominee--Liability of trust company.

51A-6A-64    Common trust funds and collective investment funds.

51A-6A-65    Repealed

51A-6A-66    Exclusion of entity from chapters 51A-5 and 51A-6A--Governing documents--Notice to director.

51A-6A-67    Trust company receivership and liquidation captive insurance company fund.