51A-17-17. Applicant--Investigation by director.

Upon receiving a complete application, the director shall investigate the financial condition and responsibility, financial and business experience, character, and general fitness of the applicant. The director may conduct an on-site investigation of the applicant, the reasonable cost of which shall be paid by the applicant. If the director finds that the applicant's business will be conducted honestly, fairly, and in a manner commanding the confidence and trust of the community and that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements imposed by this chapter and has paid the required license fee, the director shall issue a license to the applicant authorizing the applicant to engage in the licensed activities in this state until the license expires on the following January first. If these requirements have not been met, the director shall deny the application in writing setting forth the reasons for the denial.

Source: SL 2008, ch 253, § 17; SL 2020, ch 205, § 2.