01    Classification And Creation Of Trusts

01A    Trustees Powers

01B    Directed Trusts

02    Duties And Liabilities Of Trustees

03    Express Trusts For Third Party Beneficiaries

04    Uniform Trusts Act

05    Investment And Management Powers Of Fiduciaries

05A    Powers Of Foreign Fiduciaries

06    Common Trust Funds And Collective Investment Funds

07    Third Party Responsibility For Fiduciary Acts

08    Registration And Transfer Of Securities Held By Fiduciaries

09    Charitable Trusts

10    Custodial Gifts To Minors Repealed

10A    Uniform Transfers To Minors Act

11    Prearranged Funeral Trusts

12    Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds

13    Revised Uniform Principal And Income Act

13A    Uniform Principal And Income Act

14    Management Of Institutional Funds Repealed

14A    Uniform Prudent Management Of Institutional Funds Act

15    Total Return Unitrusts

16    Qualified Dispositions In Trust

17    Special Spousal Trusts

18    Virtual Representation

19    Uniform Fiduciary Access To Digital Assets Act