55-1B-6. Powers and discretions of trust protector.

The powers and discretions of a trust protector are as provided in the governing instrument and may be exercised or not exercised, in the best interests of the trust, in the sole and absolute discretion of the trust protector and are binding on all other persons. The powers and discretion may include the following:

(1)    Modify or amend the trust instrument to achieve favorable tax status or respond to changes in the Internal Revenue Code, state law, or the rulings and regulations thereunder;

(2)    Increase or decrease the interests of any beneficiaries to the trust;

(3)    Modify the terms of any power of appointment granted by the trust. However, a modification or amendment may not grant a beneficial interest to any individual or class of individuals not specifically provided for under the trust instrument;

(4)    Remove and appoint a trustee, a fiduciary provided for in the governing trust instrument, trust advisor, investment committee member, or distribution committee member;

(5)    Terminate the trust;

(6)    Veto or direct trust distributions;

(7)    Change situs or governing law of the trust, or both;

(8)    Appoint a successor trust protector;

(9)    Interpret terms of the trust instrument at the request of the trustee;

(10)    Advise the trustee on matters concerning a beneficiary;

(11)    Amend or modify the trust instrument to take advantage of laws governing restraints on alienation, distribution of trust property, or the administration of the trust;

(12)    Reserved;

(13)    Add to the trust an individual beneficiary or beneficiaries from a class of individuals identified in the governing instrument;

(14)    Add to the trust a charitable beneficiary or beneficiaries from a class of charities identified in the trust instrument;

(15)    Provide other powers and discretions in the governing instrument;

(16)    Remove a representative as provided in subdivision 55-18-4(3);

(17)    Appoint a representative as provided in subdivision 55-18-9(12); and

(18)    Act as a representative as provided in subdivision 55-18-9(11).

In addition to the powers and discretions granted to the trust protector in the governing instrument, the trust protector may also exercise any of the powers and discretions granted to a trust protector under § 55-2-13 to the extent such exercise is not prohibited under the terms of the governing instrument.

The powers referenced in subdivisions (5), (6), and (11) may be granted notwithstanding the provisions of §§ 55-3-24 to 55-3-28, inclusive.

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